Recent Purchases: Joe Browns


I recently made an order on the Joe Browns website and I would have done this post sooner but one of the items was faulty so I had to get a replacement. The good news is the returns were quick and easy and, even though it was only a small fault, they didn’t question it and I had the replacement back here within a week despite using My Hermes which often takes that long one way.

I don’t know if you guys find this but there are a few stores that I know if I order them online they are almost guaranteed to fit me well, the shape just suits my body and I know the sizes because of how many things I’ve bought in the past. Joe Brown’s is one of those companies for me. I did end up getting more than I originally intended but some of these things have been on my want list, or something like them, for the past two years so, although it seems like a lot to spend in one go, I am actually pretty much set for clothes this summer. I need a few new vest tops and some T-shirts with print or pattern on them but I’ll just go to Primark for the few things I need.

This year I felt like a change, I looked in my wardrobe and realise that, apart from a couple of dresses and skirts, I was pretty much wearing the same thing as I had for years and some of it wasn’t looking its best so I did a big sort out and wrote down what I needed or what I thought would work with my style now compared to five or so years ago when I bought a lot of the things I had. I ended up going for colours I haven’t in the past because I’ve tended to stick with certain colour schemes or I haven’t seen anything I like that much in them but I have found that I’ve recently become more confident so wanted to try something new knowing how easy it is to return Joe Brown’s things in the normal post.

I do love it when you sort out your clothes and you get rid of things that you haven’t worn in ages or you just wear because you have them and it’s habit (does anyone else do that?) so it’s a bit like a spring clean and a new look in one. I guess that fact I haven’t properly done one in years as well makes it more dramatic than if I did that each year. I am putting any old clothes that are wearable to go for charities and any that aren’t are either going to become dusters or get thrown out I think.

I’ve bought so many things from Joe Brown’s the past few years, I think I first bought something when I was in sixth form so that makes it over ten years ago that I first bought from them so I’m used to the sizing by now. I find that with a lot of things the sizes are pretty much true to size, though they do often come up big, I’ve never had something come up smaller than I expected. In general I’m a size 12 in shops like Dorothy Perkins, Tesco, Asda, Matalan or Next for tops but a 14 for things like jeans. Just to give you an idea comparison size wise to shops you might own things from or can actually try things on. Those sizes are UK sizes so if you’re in the US I think that would translate to 10 instead of 12 and 12 instead of 14. I did try to look up the European sizes but I got confused, in the UK they would be labelled as European 38 and 40 I think but there seems to be more variety throughout Europe too so it’s best you find for yourself which is the right size as I don’t want to say the wrong thing on here.

The first thing I’ve wanted for years is a pair of white jeans, or white trousers in general so I picked up the Must Have Jeans in white. I just love the look of them in the summer but I’ve always gone for dark trousers and haven’t found a pair that suited me and that were in my size so I thought I’d get these and try them. They’re slim fit and are a nice length, at 5’ 7” with fairly long legs I find that a lot of ‘regular’ length jeans tend to be a bit shorter than I’d like. These are so soft and comfortable, very stretchy and flexible and I’ve tried sitting in various positions and they didn’t cut off the circulation at my knees which is always good with slimmer fit jeans. They’re thicker than I thought they’d be but they’re so soft and we don’t have that great weather in the UK so I’ll be fine with these in the summer. They seem like they’ll be breathable as they’re 98% cotton and 2% elastane so they should be nice even on warmer days. They cost £29.95 and come in two colours: black or white.

One thing I have found in the past with Joe Brown’s jeans is that they’re often slightly larger than you’d expect but these are perfect for me. I’ve had 14s before that are probably more like a 15 if that size existed so it’s worth knowing if you plan on ordering jeans from them that you either get them knowing you might want to exchange for another size, risk going down a size or buy both if you can or want to.

Another thing that’s been on my to replace list for over a year now was the cable knit cardigan I have, though I was originally intending to get one in cream as a direct replacement this Cable Hooded Cardigan in aqua, the only colour it comes in, was so pretty and I love the colour. It also ticked the hoodie box, kind of anyway, as well. I’ve already worn this out a couple of times and it’s definitely very warm when you’re inside but, as you’d expect with a cable knit cardigan, it’s not great when there’s a breeze. This cardigan is slightly shorter than I expected, it comes to the waist band on most jeans, but the sleeves are really warm which is great as a lot of knitwear I’ve tried in recent years seems to go for the sleeves that stop at the wrists and that just annoys me for some reason. The details on this are so pretty, I love the material that covers the buttons and makes them all different and the little velvet bows on the pockets. I’ definitely going to be looking for a yellow and an orange vest top for under this and think it’ll go great with the white jeans in the summer. This is 100% cotton and costs £39.95.

Just before I made this order my lighter jeans went, the seams had worn through, but they had lasted for eight years with a lot of wear so I decided I’d go back to Joe Browns and get some more. These Boot Cut Beauty Jeans are in light wash and I decided to get them in long as I like longer jeans and ones I can wear with heels without them looking too short, especially as these have that boot cut style. The long length is 33” rather than the standard 31” but it makes a difference. I think that Next used to be 34” for long jeans so it’s slightly shorter than that but I’m not sure on their current measurement. The boot cut is very subtle when they’re hung up but I think it’s much more obvious when you wear them. They are so comfy and soft, they’re made of 80% cotton, 15% Polyester and 5% elastane so they’re very flexible and they do keep you nice and warm in the cool as I wore them today. The waist on these is higher than a lot of jeans I’ve owned which I love as you get a more slimline look, at least to me. There’s no distressing and they’re just a plain pair of jeans. They cost £34.95 and are available in dark, mid and light wash.

I love dresses in summer, it’s a fairly recent thing as I used to be a shorts and vest top girl until a couple of years ago when I found one that fitted me just right and now I’m converted. This Sunset Skater Dress in mint just stood out to me when I got the catalogue in the post as I’ve wanted a skater style dress but they always seem to be too short or they aren’t that flattering on me but I wanted to give this a go anyway and I’m glad I did. I love the pattern, it’s so bright and summery, but the navy version with flowers is great too and I’m definitely going to be looking out for that in the sales. This is made of 95% Polyester and 5% elastane and is a lot heavier than I was expecting it to be which is good when you live in a breezy country like the UK where half of the dresses I own blow up at the slightest hint of a breeze. There’s quite a bit of material in the skirt, I can hold it out to nearly 90 degrees on either side at the same time, so it’s got some weight holding it down and is fun to spin in. I love the fit, it’s fitted on the chest and comes in around the waist before going out again. This costs £39.95 and is available in this mint or navy with a different pattern on. Unfortunately for me of the photos I took of this dress the one that best showed the colour and pattern of the dress doesn’t look the best of me but oh well, it shows the length, neckline and shape of the dress anyway.

The dresses from Joe Brown’s are another thing that seem to end up bigger than you’d expect, I actually have a size 8 in one of them and it’s still slightly loose when I’m normally a size 12. The measurements are normally good and I tend to stick with the ones with a slightly elasticated back so that they fit me or that have a corset style lace up back as I find that for the chest to fit the dress around my middle is too loose and not the most flattering for me. This is the first time that a dress not in that style fitted me but I was half expecting to have to return it and either get another size or a refund but it was too pretty to pass when I’ve been thinking of getting a new dress for the summer.

I’ve recently been converted to leggings with a dress or long top over them for the winter and, now that I have my white jeans as well, I’m probably going to wear this style in the spring and summer too so I wanted a nice long tunic and something bright and summery so I went for the Terrific Tiered Tunic which is only available in aqua but there are other styles very similar on their website in other colours like navy or red. I seem to have been drawn towards aqua and mint colours this year but I loved how this looked on the page for the white jeans and I really like the textures and patterns used in this to give it a different feel. It’s a nice length and covers your bottom for leggings, something that always put me off them to start with. It’s fairly fitted at the top and flares out at the waist to make it more floaty and summery to me. This is made with 100% cotton on the body and the trim is 100% polyester, it’s only available in aqua and costs £34.95.

The final thing I bought was the Crochet Tunic which I got for a similar reason to the previous tunic but I think I’ll only be wearing it with jeans as it’s shorter than I’d want with leggings. It’s got two layers, a nice soft and silky feeling stretchy under layer with the lace trim and then the crochet layer on top. It’s all one piece so you can’t detach the two but it’s nice and light and will be great in the summer as well. One thing to know about this top is that the lace trim does come in and make it more fitted if your bottom half is a larger size than your top half, like me. I’ve had this with previous Joe Browns tops if they have a lace trim but this one isn’t too bad, it’s slightly fitted but nothing too tight or pulling or feels like the top is being stretched so it’ll break. This top is available in taupe, the colour I chose, or antique rose, which I was tempted by, and costs £29.95. It’s made with 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane (lined) which I guess means the inner layer has the elastane in it.

Sorry for some of the photos, one day I will learn the best way to get a good photo for clothes, apparently today is not that day. I am getting better but I realised that there are those little loops to hang things up showing on a couple of them but I think they show the way the clothes fit and any of the details so you get an idea of the way they might look if you wanted to buy them.

Overall I am very happy with everything, the dress especially was a nice surprise given the past experiences I’ve had with their sizing and I did half wonder when I ordered it if I should but I am definitely happy that I did. I also love the crochet top, I was tempted by the antique rose but I’m glad I went with the taupe and it’s just so soft and easy to wear with anything, I actually like how it looks with the jeans which I didn’t expect when I first got it. It feels like a lot to spend in one go for clothes and I normally wait for the sales and get them ready for next year but it did feel nice to get new things and I used the last of my Christmas money as well as my own so I kind of got a few of the things as late Christmas presents. I can’t wait for the summer to get here, or slightly warmer weather and less rain anyway, for me to wear the dress and the white jeans. I might just wear the dress anyway with some leggings and my long boots and just have a very summery outfit in the middle of the floods and rain!

Having just been on their site to find these links for this post I’ve seen a short sleeve cable cardigan I kind of want now but I’ll be good and resist. I’m going to be good and make a list of things I want to get and actually stick to it now, I think it’s mainly vest tops as I got rid of a load of white and black ones that just weren’t their original colours any more so I need some of them and some nice new bright ones.

Have any of you guys bought anything from Joe Brown’s? Anything you have your eye on for this summer anywhere?

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