De-Cluttering My Makeup


I’m pretty good when it comes to not buying too much makeup or body products, I might have quite a lot of loose pigments from Shiro Cosmetics and eyeshadows palettes but I’m going through my makeup collection every so often to make sure it doesn’t build up. I always make sure that all of my makeup will fit inside one drawer and all of my perfume and nail varnishes fit inside another. I know I have more than I need but I like collecting the makeup and I don’t go over the top with most things.

This week as I haven’t been feeling good I decided to get the couple of tray things I keep my makeup in and sort through them, does anyone else find that clearing things out and sorting through things makes you feel more refreshed? Other than a few things, which I will say as I go along, I am not actually throwing these things out, they’re going to be offered to people and some of them possibly put on eBay in a while when I’ve got some more things from my room when I sort it better.

I have recently ended up watching a lot of decluttering videos on YouTube as well so I think that inspired me a bit. Like with a lot of those YouTubers I watch most of these things I am getting rid of because I have dupes that I prefer or that I have simply not used them in so long or I like them but they aren’t me. I’ll stop giving an explanation and get on with it.


There are only three things in skin and body care type products. The Cowshed Grumpy Cow Uplifting Body Lotion smells really nice, it’s bright and uplifting but slightly green smelling as well. I’m just getting rid of this as it seemed to react with my skin after a few hours. The Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean is a really nice product and I used to love it but I have found others I prefer and that my skin gets on better with so this has sat in my cupboard for months now untouched. I only got the Dr Organic Rose Otto Facial Serum recently but it just does not get on with my skin, I got it in a set with a scrub and face mask and they’re both good but this is way too rich for my skin and make me break out so mum will be getting this one.


The nail varnishes in here are because I have dupes, there are about ten more I have put in the downstairs drawer so mum will be using them but I still have the option to if I want them but these ones mum isn’t interested in. The Nails Inc Belsize Avenue is one I have a dupe of and this one does not stick to my nails well. Both of the Models Own Glitters are nice but I’ve had them for years and they’ve got so thick and gloopy that they don’t work right. They are great glitters though if you like the colours as there’s a good amount of glitter for the amount of nail varnish. The three OPI minis are from different collections, I want to say the pink and red are from the Minnie Mouse one and the blue is either the original Gwen Stefani liquid sands or the Brazil collection, either way it doesn’t work for me and the red and pinks I have dupes of for other brands.


Most of the perfumes are samples, the Ghost one I got in the Tesco advent calendar in 2014 and it’s pretty generic and not one I use. I love the Enchanted Mistress of Evil and have been keeping it the past year (I think) because I just love the smell but it turns weird on my skin so I’ve finally accepted that it should go to someone who can actually use it. The One Hand Washes the Other samples are ones I got free and I don’t think any of them are really me, I do like some of them and have kept one but the rest are just sat there doing nothing. I guess that’s the point of samples though, to find things you like that you wouldn’t normally pick, these just weren’t lucky ones. The two Marc Jacobs Daisy samples are the two different scents, one is the original and the other is eau fresh. I like both of them but they’re not me and I have so many perfumes they were just sat around. I know a lot of people like this scent though so these aren’t going to waste.


The makeup I’m sort of grouping together and most of these are age reasons, the palettes aren’t but I’ll go through them after the rest of this lot. I’ll say about the Scaredy Cat Cosmetics loose pigments first as there’s a few of them. I like their formula but I bought the sample set of all the colours a few years ago and still have them. These are the old packaging and I do love the containers but I think that was one of the things that made me want them. I bought them when I was just getting into makeup really and these aren’t colours that I use much, if I did I have others that I prefer. It’s a pity to let them go and I am keeping two that I plan on trying to use more but they’re just sat there and taking up room so I’m getting rid of them. If you’re interested the colours are: Tudor, Teal Deer, Mythic, Muertos and Snow Bird. I keep changing my mind about these so I’ve put them in a bag so I don’t look at them and keep them again!

The lip glosses are all old and not used now, the No7 High Shine SPF15 in Whisper was one of those you get in a free set when you spend X amount and I loved it for a while. I still like the fact it’s a subtle sheen but it’s been in my collection for a couple of years and I have newer glosses so it’s going. It’s a similar story with the …This is Halloween from Shiro Cosmetics as I do like it but it was from the Halloween collection in 2014 I think and I’ve not used it, my lips are never in great condition and it’s the kind of product that just shows that up. The Diego Dalla Palma lipstick was in the Marks and Spencer advent calendar this Christmas and I liked it when I first used it but the formula just dries out my lips and I can feel it on there and I really don’t like that feeling. The reason it looks a bit odd in the photo is I accidentally forgot to twist it back down before I put the lid on once. All of these lip products are going in the bin. I probably sound a bit over cautious but lip products are something I wouldn’t want to share with anyone so I’d rather be safe and get rid of them than risk anything. I don’t know why I get this with lip products and not eyeshadows but still.


The one blush in there is the Bourjois Cream Blush in 01, I don’t think it has another name. It’s a nice enough product but the colour doesn’t really suit me. I got it in a Latest in Beauty box probably a year ago now and I have other blushes I prefer. I was considering doing a review on it so I might do that in the future.

The mascaras have a couple of reasons though age is the main one for all of them really. Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced just didn’t really work for me that well. I got it in a beauty box and it cost more than the box itself so it was a good way of trying it. I got on well enough with it with one layer but it stuck my lashes together more than I liked. It’s been sat in there for a while now so I’m just getting rid of it. My Thick and Fast Mascara by Soap and Glory is a favourite and I might repurchase it in the future if I get bored of the No7 ones I have at the moment but it’s got to go really as I’ve been choosing those over it recently and I think it’s getting old. Collection Lengthening Mascara impressed me to start with but it dried up fairly fast and stopped working very well. This is on I bought a second one of as I liked it, I’m not sure if this was a duff product or what but within a month it was dry and flaky. I was keeping it to see if I could bring it back to life but I decided it wasn’t worth it.


And now onto the palettes. I have to say that three of these are ones I’ve been wanting to get rid of really for a while but I always find an excuse to keep them for some reason. The first is the ‘Naked 2’ which is going because it’s a fake. The only reason I kept it for so long was because I was worried the people I bought it from on eBay would want it back after they refunded me the price though I didn’t have an address to return it to. I might keep the brush but I’m too worried about what might be in the fake products to use or to give it to anyone so this is a bin product.

The Sleek Eye and Cheek Palette in A Midsummer’s Dream looks like a nice product and it actually really is good. The only reason I have for getting rid of this is that everything in it besides one of the blushes is from the Natural Collection they did and I have the Au Naturel palette and the blush so that’s five of the six products I have already. I do love those products though so if you want a small cheek and eye palette this is a good one to look at, just not if you already have those Sleek products. I don’t think I’ll do a review of this exact product unless people want me to as the colours in it are from that palette, if you do want to see what I think of it then you can read my review of the collection here. It had on the website that the others in the Eye and Cheek palette contained products from other palettes but not for this one so I got this and then I couldn’t return it as I’d opened it. Just something to be aware of if you’re looking at these and already have quite a few Sleek products.

The MUA Poptastic palette is a great colourful palette and I found it really hard to choose between this and an old Makeup Revolution one I have with a lot of bright colours. What tipped the scales for me was the amount of colours and the fact that in that one I have eyebrow products and a shimmer and matte of each colour. That one isn’t available any more but this still is. I did a review on it last year if you want to see the swatches for it.

Anyone who read my review of the Matte Eye Palette from Too Faced wouldn’t be surprised to see it in here. It’s a miracle it’s survived in my collection for so long considering it’s only been swatched a few times and never really used beyond trying it for the review. I couldn’t get it to work but other people seem to like it so maybe I’ve done something wrong. I think I mainly kept it as it was the first high end product I ever bought and I got it with Boots points years ago now. I do love the packaging but the product inside isn’t worth it.

There are a few things in my collection that were in a maybe pile that have scraped through as I still want to give them a bit more of a try now and see whether I use them or not. I’ll do another de-clutter later in the year but I’m not sure if there’s going to be enough to make a post out of it. I try to do these a couple of times a year as it reminds me of what I have as well as what I should be getting rid of.

I think I’ve got better at only buying things I will use and really like so I don’t have anything in here because I hate it, I just don’t reach for it when I’m doing my makeup and it’s been sat there unloved for too long. The fake is one that I’m annoyed at myself for falling for, it seemed too good to be true and it was. I was planning on doing a real vs fake on the Naked palettes but I bought the Naked 3 rather than 2, I guess I still could some time in the future as there are some obvious differences in quality that still work when you compare the two different palettes.

Have any of you decluttered recently? Or are there any of these products that I’m getting rid of that you love?

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