ME, Myself and I: ‘Just’ a Cold

This is sort of an odd thing to post about and it may overlap with past posts but it’s something that I only really realised the other day. At the moment I have a cold, at least I’m pretty sure it’s a common cold as it’s all the normal cold symptoms but on top of ME it’s not fun and just lasting so long. It was the other day when mum asked about how I felt, like whether I needed to see a doctor or anything and I said about the cold symptoms but then there’s the aching joints, weak knees and general extra layers of brain fog and things that are ME related things. It’s only then that I really realised that it’s hard for people without a chronic illness with these kinds of symptoms (I’m sure there are a lot of them I don’t know about) to understand when they have exactly the same illness like a cold or infection or virus but they get better so much quicker or can actually do the normal things they do every day without it affecting them much but it knocks us back and we end up in bed for days, or possibly weeks.

I hope this doesn’t come across as a feel sorry for me kind of post as it’s really not, it’s just something that over the years I have sort of forgotten. I know how much ME affects me on a day to day basis and when I do too much but this whole having a cold thing reminded me how much something that’s a small illness that I wouldn’t have had a problem getting over before I was ill affects us too. I don’t think I’ve had a normal cold for ages, I’ve had various flu like things that have been flu like things that meant the other family members ended up in bed for days so it didn’t seem to be such a big thing that I was stuck in bed for maybe just a bit longer than they were.

It’s got to the point where it’s just frustrating. You know with ME how sometimes your body feels so exhausted you can’t do anything but your brain doesn’t seem to know it and is out of the foggy phase and wants to do things? That’s where I am at the moment as I’m definitely getting through it, it’s just my body isn’t catching up with my brain yet. I’m just finding things to make me sleep as, although my brain thinks it can do all this stuff, the minute I try to do anything that takes thinking I end up exhausted and with a headache.

At the moment my main way of trying to get over it consists of staying in bed a lot, listening to TV shows and radio shows I know really well and falling asleep throughout the day. I’m also drinking Lemsip with menthol in, using every menthol based thing I can think of and taking Echinacea and vitamin C things.

My room looks a bit of a mess as I’ve not had the energy to tidy things up for the past week or so and I probably am feeling a bit sorry for myself as it’s just come at the worst time with me finally getting to the point where I can say I’m doing things and seeing some kind of physical things for my jewellery making. I just forgot how much it knocks me back, I’m hoping that just doing nothing much and resting means it’ll go away quicker, finally listening to my own advice I keep posting on here, but my brain keeps wanting me to do all these things. I have a to do list made nearly two weeks ago and I’ve done about three things on there when I was hoping to have more than ten done.

I suppose the point of this post was kind of posting about ME and normal colds that don’t seem like a big deal to healthy people but can set us back, or feel like it sets us back anyway, in recovery of some kind. Maybe that’s what makes it so frustrating, because feeling like this at the moment is reminding me of how I felt a few years ago some of the time, or going back maybe ten years this is better than I felt but it feels like it isn’t as I probably don’t remember how bad it felt at the time. I’m not sure if that even makes sense but I hope it does so I’m leaving it in. It’s kind of weird to think I felt like this a lot then, and it’s a bit scary as it’s sort of a reminder that if I don’t do my best to recover from this and be careful then there is a chance that it could set me back years and I could be back to square one, or maybe not square one but maybe square two or three and I’m way ahead of that now.

I’m not sure if this post does have a point actually, I meant for it to be longer and have more points in there and stuff but nothing seems to be coming out how I meant it to. I’m probably going to be down to two or three posts a week until I’m better, maybe I’ll search for a tag or two to do as they’re always fun and I like reading other people’s answers so hopefully someone would like to read mine.

Something completely unrelated, and I’ll probably post it in upcoming posts too and see if anyone replies about it but I’ve been thinking of doing a bit of a weekly roundup type post on the weekend. Maybe a few things I’ve done in the week (or not done, maybe achievements for me), where I am with the jewellery, things I’ve liked or watched and enjoyed, that kind of thing. I’d probably include a little list of links to the posts I’ve done at the bottom but that wouldn’t be the main point of it. Would people be interested in that? Maybe I should make a separate post and a poll or something, I’ll see if I can work that out for next week.

I hope you’re all ok and have managed to avoid any of the bugs going round at the moment, there seem to be three on the go in this area so I’m crossing my fingers none of them get me. It was nice to see a bit of snow the other day, it lasted less than five minutes but still, it was white on the ground for a bit.


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