ME, Myself and I: ‘Just’ a Cold

This is sort of an odd thing to post about and it may overlap with past posts but it’s something that I only really realised the other day. At the moment I have a cold, at least I’m pretty sure it’s a common cold as it’s all the normal cold symptoms but on top of ME it’s not fun and just lasting so long. It was the other day when mum asked about how I felt, like whether I needed to see a doctor or anything and I said about the cold symptoms but then there’s the aching joints, weak knees and general extra layers of brain fog and things that are ME related things. It’s only then that I really realised that it’s hard for people without a chronic illness with these kinds of symptoms (I’m sure there are a lot of them I don’t know about) to understand when they have exactly the same illness like a cold or infection or virus but they get better so much quicker or can actually do the normal things they do every day without it affecting them much but it knocks us back and we end up in bed for days, or possibly weeks.

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