Book Review: Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion by Terrance Dicks

autonsqTitle: Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion

Author: Terrance Dicks

Year written: 1974

Publisher and year: BBC Books, 2011

ISBN Number: 978-1-849-90193-2

This is another in the series of books BBC Books reprinted and released in 2011 from an old series written in the 1970s. These are all based on scripts for episodes that were aired, or rather groups of episodes that created a story arc. This book is written about the Third Doctor and is his first adventure after regenerating so you get to see the character getting used to his new body which hasn’t happened in any of the previous books I have read in the series. The episodes ran between 3 January and 24 January 1970 and includes as the ‘companions’ in this story Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Liz Shaw though neither are existing companions, one just met him and the other has met but never travelled with him. It’s the only one so far that has everything existing in video form and it’s one that I have actually seen recently, it was shown in the UK last year on the Drama channel, so I know myself whether it has had major changes rather than just relying on what the book says changed.

As with others in the series this book includes two extra bits at the beginning and another two at the end of the book. At the front is an introduction written by Russell T Davis which is nice to see as he’s the first of these introduction or foreword writers that I actually recognise. There’s also a short piece on the Third Doctor, UNIT and Dr Elizabeth Shaw to explain the previous interactions and who they are without having to go into a lot of detail in the story. At the end there’s a short piece about the authors and a Between the Lines segment that explains anything that may be outdated to a modern audience or any differences between the original script and the book version.

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ME, Myself and I (kind of): Starting a Business (a Bit of an Update)

I did have another post planned but I realised I haven’t posted anything much about this after August or September and today was not a good energy day. I had a blood test yesterday and I’m never great with them, it always takes more energy than I expect and my arm seems to go all weird and weak the next day so this will be quite a short post. I’ll do the post I meant to do today next week instead, I didn’t realise how long it would be so it may become two parts.

Having decided I was going to start my own business over a year ago it’s still not been officially open because the people helping me set it up that I was put in touch with through the Job Centre wanted me to set up a business plan. However it is finally happening, I have a date that I am planning on opening my Etsy store, April 1st, so now it’s all getting more real and I have these things I need to do and make lots of stock ready to sell.

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Fortune Cookie Soap: Let it Grow Spring 2016 Soap Box


This morning my spring edition of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box arrived so I’m going to do a post about it now I’ve had a bit of a play around with some of the things. It’s more of a first impressions than a proper review but I have looked at everything.

If you haven’t heard of them before Fortune Cookie Soap are a company in the USA who make bath and body products and their signature product is the fortune cookie shaped soap. They have a large range of permanent products as well as regularly releasing limited edition seasonal ranges that are around for a while and mini collections that are a lot more limited and sell out fast. Their website is here but this collection isn’t available until February 19th. They do a Soap Box that’s released every few months before each of the main collections is released, normally for the seasons so four times a year. As I live in the UK this has taken a while to get here, if I believe the postage sticker thing then over a month as it says 2nd January postage so that’s worth knowing if you’re worried about it arriving if you order it in the future. The box contains 8 -10 samples of a range of products, one in each of the scents that’s going to be released in the upcoming range. Included in this are two full sized products; one of their fortune cookie soaps and a small size of the OCD hand sanitizer. They used to only sell this size but have recently started to sell a larger version too.

Each of the seasonal collections has another theme alongside normally, this time it’s Let it Grow which I think it based around something Dr Seuss related if I remember correctly, maybe someone can tell me which one as I can’t find it after looking online for a bit. I don’t know what it’s based on so I won’t get any in jokes and none of them really stand out as obviously to do with anything Dr Seuss that I remember.

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Review: Red Carpet Ready Starter Kit (Part 1 – the Kit and the Light)



For Christmas one of my big presents was the Red Carpet Ready Starter Kit, I know my parents got it from QVC but it’s not on there any more so I’m linking to their own website because I think that’s the only place that has it at the moment. It costs £69.95 and is exactly the same as the set that I got except it doesn’t have the extra colour nail varnish that QVC offered.

The main difference between this Red Carpet Ready Kit and the normal one is the nail varnish itself. This nail varnish claims that it’s all the layers in one; base coat, colour and top coat, so you only have to do two or three layers to get an opaque finish. With each one curing for 45 seconds this would reduce the time of a gel manicure even more. This is also the new version of this ‘Pro’ lamp, the main difference as far as I can tell is that this can be plugged into a USB port in your computer making it more portable than the original. I do have the normal portable one that’s a different shape so I’m going to do a bit of comparison against that but I have never used the original Pro lamp.

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Review: No7Natural Blush Tint Powder in Soft Damson


In the Boot sale I bought a No7 Beauty Organiser set and in it was this No7 Natural Blush in Soft Damson. I did a search in Boots and apparently it’s a Natural Blush Tint Powder rather than a normal blush. This Soft Damson appears to be the only colour available in it at the moment and it costs £8 on the Boots website.

I’m not sure if it’s a new product but the fact there’s only one colour makes me think it might be as it’s something that could come in a range of colours. I haven’t found much about it on blogs so I thought I’d do a review. I have had a bit of a play around with it but there aren’t many ways of using it as it’s a pretty subtle colour.

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Book Review: Doctor Who and the Cybermen by Gerry Davis

drwhocybermen1Title: Doctor Who and the Cybermen

Author: Gerry Davis

Year written: 1974

Publisher and year: BBC Books, 2011

ISBN Number: 978-1-849-90191-8

This is another book in the series that the BBC rereleased in 2011 from the original Target Books run first released in 1974. Like the others this has the additional parts of the Changes Face of the Doctor that explains the incarnation of the Doctor and a bit about each of his companions, a foreword by someone related to Doctor who written in 2011 and, at the end of the book, some information on the authors and a section that explains any differences between this and the original script shown on TV and anything that might need explaining to a modern audience.

This book is about the Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton and his companions Polly, Ben and Jami. As with the previous books I reviewed in this series this one was based on a serial from the TV series called The Moonbase, this time being four episodes long, it showed from 11 February – 4 March 1967. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about it, don’t read it if you don’t want any spoilers for the book though! Two of the four episodes still exist on film, 1 and 3, but 2 and 4 have only got the audio recording available. This story is the second time that the Doctor has encountered the Cybermen on the TV show and the image on the front of the book isn’t the same as the ones that would have been on the screen at the time, these are later versions.

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ME, Myslf and I: Painting and Arty Things or Finding Old Hobbies


I think I did a post on hobbies before, I can’t remember if I did or not, if not then maybe I’ll do it next week as I have a good list of lower energy hobbies that I’ve tried that are great for low energy days or if you’re more severely affected.

Before I had ME most of my hobbies seemed to be around sports and actually doing things so I ended up not being able to do them any more. Years ago I used to draw a lot and liked to paint, I only really stopped doing it so much because of studying and the fact that I had a choice at GCSE between Graphics where I was told I’d get an A or art where I was predicted D so it kind of got lost somewhere along the way. Since having ME I have ended up drawing and painting more again, as it doesn’t take too much energy and you can stop and start it as much as you like.

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January Favourites: First of 2016


The first monthly favourites of 2016 and I’m still writing 2015 in every time I have to write the date, it’ll take a couple of months for me to get that right. This is kind of a December and January favourites because I didn’t do one for last month as I was still recovering from Christmas and by the time I was going to do it it was a couple of weeks in and not long till this one. This is another big mix though I think there’s more beauty stuff in it this time than I often do.

I have been watching a few other things I’ll put in here but they’re not ones I have on DVD. I think after Christmas and watching Santa Claus the Movie I got into a bit of a Dudley Moore phase and ended up watching a lot of his movies so I’ll include one in here, Arthur is just so funny and one I’ve already seen twice this month. I also really liked Arthur 2, I know that’s probably not a popular opinion but it was harmless fun, not as good as the first but still pretty good. TV wise I’ve loved the new series of Endeavour, I love the Shaun Evans and Roger Allam combination and the characters and stories are great as a detective show and being a young Morse but without trying to be too much like him or trying to copy John Thaw.

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Review: TheBalm In the Balm of Your Hand Face Palette


I recently made an order on Debenhams, mainly buying clothes from the sale but I saw this In the Balm of Your Hand Palette from theBalm and bought is. I was planning on buying two of theBalm blushes I’ve seen review of, one of them being something from the InStain’ range (I hadn’t decided which) and another being Cabana Boy as it’s so pretty and both of those are in this palette. This palette costs £34 on the Debenhams site which was the same price as the two products (at least where I found them online) and you get quite a few others so I thought it was worth getting. I am also a bit of a sucker for theBalm palettes, I seem to be getting a bit of a collection of them now.

Since looking this palette up on review site it seems like it was a Christmas release from theBalm along with a palette of the three Lumanizer sisters which I was almost tempted by too. This palette is a compilation of the best bits from some of their best selling palettes or products, with the sub-title of Greatest Hits Vol. 1 it makes me think they’ll be doing more in the future, which I will probably end up getting as this palette is really nice and it has a good range of products in one place, a sort of all over face palette.

Included in the palette are four eyeshadows, one luminiser, a cheek/lip stain and a lip stick in 7g pans and three blushes and a bronzer in 12g pans. There is a range of shimmer and matte in both the blush and eyeshadows colours. I do have a duplicate of at least one of the products, the Balm Jovi eyeshadow in Lead Zeppelin and I think I have the Mary Lou-Manizer in the same palette under a different name as well. I also found that the rest lip product is very close to the ones in my other two theBalm palettes, I’ve done a comparison of these as well.

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