Review: Sleep Lip VIP Lipsticks – Reserved, Private Booth, Backstage and Guest List


I did reviews of the two Sleek palettes they’ve recently released, All Night Long and A New Day, last week and at the same time I bought four of the six new lip products they released at the same time. These are the Lip VIPS, I’ve been calling them the VIP lips in previous posts but I think you could tell what I meant anyway.

The Lip VIP Lipsticks are sold as Semi-Matte Lipsticks and are available in a range of six colours, they have a small range of colour including a nude, two pink based colours, a coral based colour, a bright orange and a bright red. These cost £5.49 from Boots and Superdrug and are £5.50 on their own website but in the UK they’re also available in stores, though it may take some time for them to be available everywhere. I don’t normally buy lipsticks online, then again I don’t often buy lipsticks as I back out in stores and then wish I’d bought them later and I may have got a bit carried away with the new releases and wanted to see how these were. When I bought these they were in a two for £8 offer, though this seems to have finished at the moment.


The four colours that I chose were the more everyday colours, at least on the website. I will say that one thing about these that was slightly disappointing was the difference between the colours on the website and the actual product. Online two of the colours I bought, Backstage and Reserved, looked like fairly standard pinks, more muted than in real life. The Nude, Private Booth is pretty accurate and Guest List is fairly close, just a more orange tint than expected. I am glad that I didn’t buy the brightest, Flaunt it which is orange looking and Night Spot that looks like a classic red. I have tried all of the four I have to see how well they last so hopefully this review will be helpful if you’re interested in these.


The main thing I like about the packaging of these lipsticks is the way you can see the colour of the product through the clear end. I’m not sure if this means there’s actual product in there and if you’ll be able to get at it at the end, I’m hoping you can as otherwise it’s a bit of a waste. The matte black square packaging fits with the rest of their products and I really like this look for products, it does make it feel more expensive than it is, to me anyway. One thing I have noticed already is how easily the shiny finish for the logo can rub off, one of mine arrived with a bit of a line rubbed off the middle of the logo as the edges are slightly curved and this was obviously the part that had rubbed against something else. It clicks closed really well and the twist up action isn’t too loose, though I’m not sure how long it’ll stay like this, and you can tell when it’s all the way down.

The product itself is a really nice formula. I often find that lipsticks are drying and have stayed away from true mattes because if the normal ones do that then I don’t want to risk a full matte finish that’ll probably be even worse at that. My lips aren’t always in great condition and dry out easily but I did scrub and moisturise them a lot so they were in pretty good condition when it came to actually trying these so I think I gave them a fair go. The product is so creamy and seems to almost melt when you apply it to your lips. This does mean that you can end up with quite a bit of excess if you’re not careful but it’s opaque with one layer for me. It could build up more if you don’t find one layer is enough, the colour is really bright in each of them and sticks well.

I have done a swatch of before and after blotting so you can see the difference as before you blot it it doesn’t set, it stays a very shiny looking lipstick and comes off on pretty much everything. Once you’ve blotted it though I found that it stayed really well. I tried drinking and eating and, although there was a bit of a lipstick mark on the glass, it remained well pigmented after quite a while. One thing I did find is that it came off a lot quicker on parts of my lip, I know it’s less likely to stick on the inner art of your lip no matter what but it seemed to extend further the area where it sort of rubbed off. I think it’s mainly when it becomes wet it seems to slip a bit as I didn’t have the problem as much after eating, more drinking, and it even seemed to survive brushing my teeth which I tried as an experiment.

I like the finish of this lipstick, it does give a finish close to matte but without being way too drying. It does feel like you have something on your lips but it reminded me more of a fairly dry gloss with a slight stickiness which I don’t mind. This feeling did stick with me for quite a while, I think it was about an hour after I applied it I stopped noticing it when I closed my mouth or was talking. I did try leaving my lipstick on through the night, just to see how long it would last and how dry my lips felt afterwards and it stayed looking nice ten hours later when I woke up. My lips did feel slightly tight and dry but, to be honest, they do this most mornings anyway when I wake up so I don’t think it was particularly the product to blame for that. I didn’t find that it felt drying any more than any lip product does for me in normal use though when I tried it throughout the day. I think if I wore it out I would probably use a lip balm and reapply it after a few hours if I hadn’t had to already as it’s not a particularly moisturising product on its own and my lips need that quite often. I don’t know if anyone else has smelled them and agrees but they really reminded me of the scent you get in the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses, the original scent of them. It’s a hard scent to describe, there’s something fake vanilla in there but it’s not overly sweet, I can’t get past the Soap and Glory scent though to describe it any better than that.

I’ll do these swatches in number order, though I’m not sure why they’re numbered as they are as they don’t seem to have any colour groupings. I will say that, although my lips are in pretty good condition so the lipsticks show up well in that way I didn’t use a lip liner, mainly because I don’t actually own any that I can think of, so they’re just on my lips and the review in general is for the product used like that. Maybe a lip liner would make them stay even better or reduce the transfer when wet, I don’t know.

Reserved (1001) – Bright peachy pink, looks a lot less pink and brighter than online. Really pigmented and creamy to apply but did smudge a bit more than the others. Lasted well and seemed to almost work as a lip stain too as I ended up with a pink mark under this one when I swatched it on my hand. It’s not too bright when it does on your lips but it might be more if your lips aren’t very pigmented. Unfortunately this was the last lipstick to be swatched so my lips weren’t happy with me then and it definitely accentuated any imperfections more than the other colours.

Private Booth (1002) – Nice warm nude, has a bit of hint of orange to it. A really nice finish that reminds me of a Nails Inc leather finish nail varnish I have, so pretty matte but not completely, probably the most matte of the four colours though. This one changes quite a bit on my lips compared to my hand, it’s definitely paler and closer to my skin tone on my lips and I’m not sure why that happens as I’ve redone both my hand and lips since then to try it and it still happens. For some reason my camera also keeps trying to lighten this one, it’s slightly darker in person but not far off. The closest colour wise for it is the before blotting picture out of these three, that’s pretty much spot on for the after colour too. I think this one works the best for the matte finish for me. Smooth and creamy, seemed to be the creamiest as the most came off this one when I blotted it and I didn’t layer it. This one does need a second layer really to build it, it’s not noticeable in person and I had this on for ages and didn’t notice until I was sorting the photos out for this post. It does build with a second layer and stick just as well once it’s blotted, just do it between layers too and it sticks better as before it’s dried it still moves around a lot.

Backstage (1003) – Coral based mid to dark pink. Creamy and rich, seemed thicker than the others and maybe more pigmented but it may be due to the colour. I did find this one benefitted from using a brush as it seemed to avoid any lines on my lips without a bit of moving it around and the brush was the most precise way I could. This applies a lot oranger than it dries to, it seems to become a more rose colour after a while, at least on my skin. This one does show up any cracks you have quite a bit and is the least matte of the four I tried even when blotted as you can see there isn’t that much difference in the photos compared to the others.

Guest List (1006) – Bright orangey red. Really pigmented, settled well on my lips and seemed to be the best at hiding any imperfections over time. Creamy and another that seemed to leave a hint of a stain on my skin after removing it from my hand. This seems the best for hiding any imperfections and I actually prefer the look of it before blotting, it’s a pity it doesn’t stick so well like that. I tried it without blotting and even over an hour later it wasn’t set and moved a lot if I touched my lips. This is one colour that turns out very different on my lips to on my hand, on my hand its more red but when I put it on my lips it’s definitely more orange, I’m not sure if that means it’ll change more from person to person than the others or if it’s just my skin chemistry being weird again, it does strange things to perfume so it might be doing something similar to this.

Overall I am very happy with these, I hope they come out with some more colours and a more pink based line, I’d love a dusty rose sort of colour (am I thinking of the right words there?) as these are so pigmented and are one of the few lipsticks that don’t leave my lips feeling worse after applying them than if I’d used nothing. I will say that I am a bit disappointed with some of the colours, they’re all a lot oranger in person than the websites lead me to believe apart from the nude but I’ll still use them, I’ll just have to work up to them as I don’t wear much lipstick at the moment.

I think the formula for these is nice, they do give that almost matte look without drying your lips too much but I wouldn’t say that they’re moisturising by themselves. I would definitely apply a lip balm a while before I put these on so it’s had chance to sink in and not affect how well these work but at the same time there’s a moisturising base there already. I think if you’re thinking of getting these and it’s possible where you live then it’s definitely worth looking at them in person as the colours are very different to the pictures I had to go by online. I think these swatches and pictures of them are all as close as I could get them so if you look at the Boots website you can see how different they are to what I was expecting. If you’re looking for a fairly matte effect lipstick then I’d say these are worth a look, especially at £5.49 each and less when they’re in offers. They’re well pigmented and stayed put once you’ve blotted them. I am crossing my fingers for a bigger range of colours but these are nice bright colours for spring or summer. I can’t say what the two I don’t have are like but if I get into bright colours then the way these ones have worked has definitely made me consider getting them and looking at their other lipsticks too.

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