Posting and jewellery update

I haven’t been posting much this week, I seem to be catching every bug that’s going round and have spent the past few days I’m bed sleeping most of the time.

I was hoping to have the review of the Sleek VIP lip lipsticks I bought, I have done the swatches and trying them out but migraines and computers don’t mix, hence this post being on my phone so I hope there aren’t many typos! As I didn’t get the post up I thought I’d do a mini post with a picture of the ones I have. So from left to right it’s Reserved (1001), Private Booth (1002), Backstage (1003) and Guest List (1006).


I did go for the ones I thought I’d wear the most but they ended up brighter and oranger than I expected, especially Reserved. I got the colours in the photo as close to the actual colour as possible on my phone, though they’re not the best as my camera cable has gone missing too, that’ll be fun to look for when I’m better.

Also on a more general blogging type note I have got some good photos of my jewellery, at least I think they’re good, and I’ll be putting them up on my Facebook page next week.


This is a photo that’s already on there (not sure why it seems to have a halo effect around it on my phone though), I’ll post the link to the page next weekend when it has a bit more on it and I have the logo sorted out, it looks a bit bare at the moment so I want it to look at least full of better quality pictures than it is now.

That’s it for the update, I’ll go back to my lemsip and duvet nest and listen to some more Red Dwarf and Cabin Pressure, great for when I’m feeling rubbish. Hope you’re all OK and have a good weekend.

Will hopefully be back on Monday with a normal post but we’ll see, at least I’ll work on the lipstick one even if it’s only a bit at a time as I really want to get that one done and share it with you guys 🙂

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