Review: Sleek Makeup All Night Long i-Divine Palette


Today is sort of a second part of the new Sleek Makeup releases with the All Night Long palette, the darker of the two palettes released this time. I did a post yesterday for the A New Day palette which can be found here and I’m going to do a post on four of the new VIP lips on Friday. Both of the palettes released are fairly neutral, they each have some different colours like metallic look shades along with mattes, the Day themed palette has mainly lighter colours whereas this one has more of the darker colours in it and more shimmery shades.

As with all Sleek i-Divine palettes it has 12 eyeshadow shades, this palette has two mattes and ten shimmers though three appear almost metallic and two are less shimmery than the others. It costs £7.99 and can be found on the Sleek website, the Boots website (in a 2 for £10 offer) and the Superdrug website (in a buy one get one half price offer) but I’m not sure how many stores have them as I find often new Sleek palettes take a while and sort of trickle in to the stores near me.

anewday9The card outer packaging for this is the new design with the black background and the twelve colours in circles on the front. This one is actually pretty close to the shades inside which is nice, I found some of them on the other palettes with this design are a long way off the colours inside. There’s also smaller coloured circles on the back with the names of the shades, though they appear lighter than the colours this time, along with a sort of guide on how to use them and the ingredients. I still prefer the older style with the different packaging for each individual palette but I can see how this ties them all together.

The plastic packaging of the palette itself is the same as previous sleek palettes, it’s a matte black with the Sleek logo in the middle in a shiny finishallnightlong3I love how they look and they feel more expensive than they are to me but they do gather any shimmer and fingerprints and it’s quite hard to get them looking clean again. The palette clicks closed and it holds really well, I’ve not had a problem with any of the other Sleek palettes I own becoming looser over the years of owning them so I trust them for travelling. The hinge also holds the lid at a nice angle, it stays wherever you want it to be which is useful for travel if you can’t find a mirror. The mirror fills the entire inside of the lid and is a nice quality so it doesn’t distort the reflection. There is also the standard double ended sponge tip applicator that you get in a lot of eyeshadow palettes.allnightlong4 I don’t think I’ve ever used one but as far as they go these seem like they’d be good quality if you like this style of applicator. The sponge isn’t the really fluffy kind, it’s more of a rubbery gripping sponge that gets quite a bit of the product and works fairly well for application, especially if you want it to be precise as the edges are quite fine if you’re careful.




The eyeshadows are in two rows of six though I don’t think there’s any particular order for them. There’s a clear sheet of plastic with the names on on top, I always keep these as they help to protect the mirror and keep the powder in place rather than any loose pigment from using it spreading to others when it gets carried around or tipped up. The names are all drinks themed which goes with the All Night Long name and it makes them easier to identify. I swatched all of the colours with the top half on the Urban decay Primer Potion and the bottom half just on my skin.


Bellini – Pale pink shimmer with a coral or yellow duochrome. This one looks like a plain shimmer in the pan but changes when on my skin. It’s a very sheer colour but can build up, it mainly adds the flash of the duochrome rather than any obvious pink, it might work well on top of a darker colour for a coral/yellow duochrome effect on it. Sticks pretty well but does apply patchy if you’re not careful so needs to be built up for smooth coverage, this seems worse on primer than just on my skin for some reason.

Negroni – Matte dark neutral brown. I don’t think this is a warm colour, maybe cool but it’s pretty neutral. Pretty pigmented though it does tend to stick where you apply it when you use primer so it can be obvious where you first applied it if you try to blend it as you get a bit of a line. Nice colour, opaque in a couple of layers and, although it feels powdery in the pan and the brush, it applies evenly.

Martini – Silver metallic shimmer. Really creamy and pigmented, a nice silver shimmer that gives a metallic finish. Opaque with one layer and works well without primer but does need it to last well, the base seems to blend away and leave the shimmer particles if you don’t have a primer base. Otherwise blends pretty well and not much fallout, he shimmer particles stick well.

Prosecco – Gold metallic shimmer. Like Martini, very soft and creamy and easy to apply. The shimmer is so fine it looks metallic and one layer is enough even without a primer for it to become opaque.

Kir Royale – Pink, off white shimmer. Creamy and pigmented but less so than some of the other colours. Gives a slightly sheer look with one layer but builds up to become opaque. Looks paler and closer to white on the skin than in the pan and blends out really well to add an off white shimmer or duochrome type effect with other colours without affecting the colour straight on.

Mimosa – Shimmery bronze. Maybe a taupe, it’s warmer and more bronze on my skin than in the pan. Very creamy and pigmented, opaque with one layer and doesn’t need a primer for this. Blends out well but the shimmer goes further than the base, which can give a nice shimmery bronze look on top of other colours when you blend it over them. There’s quite a bit of fallout with this one but it’s not so bad if you’re careful.


Champagne – Gold shimmer. Pretty close to Prosecco, maybe a bit brighter but it’s less creamy and opaque, gives more of a sheer gold shimmer look than a straight metallic gold. It does apply a bit patchy and seems worse when you use a primer. It blends out well with others and there isn’t much fallout but it’s hard to build to give it a smooth finish.

Spritz – Shimmery olive green base with warm orange or gold duochrome. I think the base is a greeny colour but the shimmer and duochrome give it a more bronze look. Pigmented, creamy and easy to blend but the more you blend it the warmer it seems to become, the thicker areas are more green than the edges of the swatches. Works well with or without a primer but it does help it stick and stop it moving.

Mai Tai – Matte pale pink, maybe peach. It’s a very close colour to my skin tone so it’s hard to see it very well but it’s pretty pigmented, especially for a matte. Fairly opaque with one layer but does benefit from a couple more if you ‘re using it as a colour by itself. It works really well as a colour to blend out the others for me as it’s close to my skin tone but adds a bit of a peach tint to it. I think it’s look nice on someone with darker skin than me as a bright peachy pink.

Cosmopolitan – Pink rose gold shimmer with fine silver shimmer. Creamy and pigmented, easy to apply and blends out really well. There’s a bit of fallout when you blend it but not noticeable. Opaque with one layer with primer, needs a few built up without it but it sticks pretty well even with no primer.

Daiquiri – Shimmery champagne, possibly taupe. It looks more taupe in the pan but looks warmer and pinker on my skin. Very pigmented and creamy, easy to build up if you want but opaque with one layer if you use it on primer. A bit of fallout but it’s not that obvious, sometimes the shimmer particles blend further than the base but it’s not too bad.

Manhattan – Bright warm copper metallic shimmer. The most pigmented in the palette, opaque in one layer and so creamy and easy to apply. Works well with or without primer and sticks and blends out very easily with little fallout. I love this colour, I think it’s my favourite from both of the palettes.

Overall I’m happy with this palette, it’s got a nice combination of brighter shimmers and lighter colours. There are a couple, Bellini and Champagne, which kind of let it down but overall I think that the formulas for the different finishes are nice. I would have liked maybe a couple more mattes to make it a more even split but I can see why they kept the mattes more in the daytime palette and had the shimmers and more dramatic colours in this evening palette. My favourites in the palette are Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri and Manhattan as they’re so dramatic and such creamy and pigmented colours that I think they’re going to be really nice and easy to use. I’m not sure if the three would work together but I might try anyway.


I think that this is another good palette from Sleek, the strongest colours in this palette are probably their best formula as far as pigmentation and creaminess go and there’s a nice blend of bright and dramatic colours as well as the paler colours. Some of them are sheer and take a bit of building to become opaque but that’s not always a bad thing for me, especially when they’re the duochrome colours as I find they work well on top of others. I know the sheerness of the three of these would put people off but, aside from Champagne I think the more sheer ones are still good quality eyeshadows. I don’t really see why they decided to add Champagne as Prosecco is very close colour wise, it’s just more pigmented and a more metallic look than a sheer shimmer.

allnightlong5Although I do love this palette I think that quite a few of these could be duplicated in a lot of other palettes out there, the gold, matte brown, silver and pale pink or peach shimmers are nice colours but not as unique as some of them in the A New Day palette. Although I do have dupes for some of them, silver and gold are fairly common in the kind of palettes I tend to go for, I do think that the formula for these is as good as the higher end products I have and would say that they’re better than some of the equivalents I have from some like Too Faced and theBalm (the Balm Voyage palette has similar colours but not as pigmented) so for the price I’d say these are definitely great quality. If you’re looking for a good quality version of silver or gold on a budget then I think this palette might be worth it just for them and the three others I mentioned before as being stand outs to me.

Out of the twelve eyeshadows in the palette I’d say that ten of them are good, I might still use the other two as I have them now but I wouldn’t recommend the palette for them. The quality of the mattes is good for a matte shadow and a lot of the shimmers are very pigmented. I do think that if you have a lot of neutral palettes then this would be one to look at in store before buying unless enough of the colours stand out to you.

If you like neutral eyes but going on the more dramatic side then this might be a good palette for you. I do think that if these colours are more you than the A New Day palette then it would also be a good palette as an introduction to the brand as it shows off how great their eyeshadows can be. I do tend to find that most Sleek palettes have one or two that are misses but for the price getting ten great eyeshadows is worth it to me.

At the end of the day this is a nice neutral palette, it’s got some unusual colours and I think it’s worth it on the bottom right three alone to me. It’s not one for you if you tend to go for the more natural neutral look and I can see why it’s being sold as an evening palette, if you prefer more mattes and lighter, more obviously warm colours then I think the A New Day palette would be more for you. The two together do give a nice range of colours and cover a large amount of neutrals, more towards the warm side of the spectrum but there are some more middle ground, not cool or warm, colours too.

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