Review: Sleek Makeup A New Day i-Divine Palette


I was making an order on the Boots website recently and thought I’d check out the Sleek Makeup section, there are a couple of the older palettes I’ve wanted when they’re on an offer so I tend to do that. When I did I saw that there were two new palettes and some new lip products, I bought both of the palettes and four of the new VIP lips colours. I’m going to review the A New Day palette today, the All Night Long palette tomorrow (click here for that post) and see if I can get my lips in good enough condition to do the lipsticks on Friday so check back if you want to read my reviews of them too.

The A New Day palette is a fairly neutral palate though it does have some brighter colours they’re within that neutral range and most of them are fairly light so great for a daytime look. As with all of the Sleek i-Diving palettes there are twelve eyeshadows in there, this one has six shimmers, five mattes and one that is somewhere in between, it’s slightly shimmery but not that much. The colours in this palette are more warm toned, I think there’s only one that I might class as a cooler toned colour but then I’m not that sure with it. This palette costs £7.99 and can be found on their own site, the Boots website (currently out of stock but in a 2 for £10) or the Superdrug websites (in a buy one get one half price offer at the moment).

anewday9I have quite a few Sleek palettes, maybe I should do a bit of a collection post about them to compare them, but one thing that’s been changed on these across the line recently is the look of the front of the card box sleeve. They used to all be individual depending on the palette theme, then they changed it so there were images that looked like piles of the eyeshadow palette, now they have an image on the front with each of the colours in a three by four rectangle shape. I quite like these as it makes it easy to see the range of colours but they aren’t as close to the colours inside as the older style was. They also have a smaller image on the back showing the names and each colour which are closer to the actual eyeshadow shades but still quite far off in some cases, anewday8Brightside for example is a fairly dark brown on the back but a pinky copper in the pan. I like that companies show the colours on the outside of the boxes but I’d prefer it if they looked close to those inside. I know a lot of people won’t bother keeping these card things so it’s not much of a thing either positive or negative for the brand but I do as I find it keeps the plastic palette inside in better condition.


The palette inside is the same as always, it’s a matte black with a really nice feel to it and the logo is in the centre in a shiny finish. It clicks shut well and I’ve never had any problem with these coming open when travelling, even if I don’t take the card sleeve with me. The hinge on these are really good too, they hold the lid of the palette in place whatever angle you set it at which is handy for travelling, I haven’t had any of them get looser on me yet and I’ve had some for years now. I also really like the mirror inside, it covers the whole of the inside of the lid and is a nice quality. There’s the standard sponge applicator that all the companies go for, I always just throw these away or leave them in the palette unused but as far as these things go I’d say the Sleek ones are good if you like these, they grab quite a bit of product and feel like a grippy, rubbery sponge rather than the cheap fluffier ones you get in some palettes, if that makes sense.


The eyeshadows themselves are arranged in two rows and each one is 1.1g (0.3 oz.), this time there’s no particular order with them but they have a plastic sheet on top with the names on them. The theme this time is A New Day I guess as they’re all positive thoughts. It might just be me, and probably sparked by the Let it Go colour, but most of them remind me of songs too, not sure if that was intentional or not though. I have swatched them all on top of primer and without, I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion on the top half of the swatch with just my skin on the bottom half.


Sun is Shining – Shimmery pale yellow, off white, with an orange duochrome. This is the one I wasn’t sure whether to call cool or warm as straight on it’s a cool yellow but at an angle it’s warmer. Very pigmented and creamy, easy to apply and blend out. Works really well without a primer too and would look nice as a yellow/orange duochrome effect on top of other colours. Reminds me a bit of those pigments you get to change the look of other eyeshadows rather than one by itself as the yellow base does fade a bit with blending.

Brightside – Pinky peach copper shimmer. This is an unusual colour and quite subtle straight on when on my skin but reflects as a pinky peach from an angle. A bit of fallout with this when applying it but it’s soft and creamy and easy to apply. It blends well and is pigmented with one coat with or without primer.

Daydreamer – Matte pale brown, another that’s less warm than the others. Not very pigmented, feels powdery and even with the primer I have to use a few layers to build it up to a colour that works. It doesn’t blend well with a primer, it seems to stick to the place first applied and there’s an obvious line when I try to blend it out, without a primer it blends to nothing straight away.

Let it Go – Matte warm mid brown, possibly terracotta. Another powdery one but applies fairly pigmented when on a primer. Blends out ok but there’s a faint mark where it was originally applied, definitely needs a primer to become opaque but sticks ok without.

Don’t Worry – Warm mid brown or coppery base with copper and gold shimmer. Probably the most pigmented colour in the palette, applies really smoothly and sticks even without a primer. Blends out well but the shimmer particles go further than the base if you’re not careful especially without a primer. Opaque with one layer and lasts really well.

Be Happy – Matte pale peach. A fairly good match to my skin tone so it’s hard to see in the swatches but it is pretty opaque if you use a primer. Feels powdery in the pan but applies evenly, would work well as a colour to blend out others for me. I think it’d stand out more on darker skin tones but I’m very fair.


Feelin’ Good – Light pink, just off white satin finish with a few sliver shimmer particles. I think it’s a satin finish, it’s nowhere near as shimmery as the others and definitely not a matte either, it’s in the middle somewhere. Applies really evenly and fairly opaque with one layer with a primer, does build up to become more so. It’s a nice creamy shade and easy to use.

anewday10Silver Lining – Pale shimmery taupe with silver shimmer and glitter particles. A really nice colour but the bigger glitter particles make it harder to work with as it seems to clump around them a bit, at least for me. I do love the effect of it and it reminds me a lot of Midnight Rodeo from Urban Decay, I have swatched it between midnight Rodeo and Sin from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows 4. Silver Lining applies pretty well when you use a brush and brush it on rather than patting it, it seems to reduce the fallout for me. Nice coverage and a creamy consistency, opaque with one layer if you’re careful with application. I think this is the first one of theirs I’ve had with bigger glitter like this in and it doesn’t feel gritty which is nice as sometimes eyeshadows do with larger glitter in.

Shine on – Gold shimmer with a brighter yellow duochrome that catches the light. I think it has a duochrome, it’s hard to tell if it’s just the shimmer at a different angle. The base is nice but it takes a couple of layers to become opaque for me, the shimmer or duochrome look so good though, makes it stand out against other similar colours I have. It’s a really creamy formula but it seems harder to pick up on the brush than others in the palette but when you do it works well. It blends out well but does seem to leave the base behind sometimes if you’re not careful with it

Carpe Diem – Matte taupe. I love this colour in the palette, it’s matte and appears powdery in the pan but applies really evenly and pretty opaque, especially for a matte. Blends out well and easy to use, it does seem to need a primer to stick for any length of time on me though.

Believer – Pale champagne shimmer. This appears closer to white when I apply it to my skin than it does in the pan and has an almost silver shine to it when the light hits it at an angle. Very creamy and pigmented, works well with or without primer and blends out well. The best angle for this is slightly off to the side, it appears less pigmented straight on and at a wide angle almost disappears but it adds a nice flash of silver and might work well on top of other colours for that effect.

H-A-P-P-Y – Matte dark warm brown. Another pigmented matte that works really well. It feels powdery in the pan but applies evenly, it does benefit from a primer to last long but actually looks ok without which is unusual for a matte. You do have to be careful of fallout with this one but it’s not a problem if you tap your brush a few times.


Overall I’m very happy with this palette, there’s only one shade which is a bit of a disappointment, Daydreamer, as it doesn’t seem to work for me no matter how I try it. The only way I can get it to work is to pat it on, use a few payers and leave it where it sits and use other colours to blend onto it. All of the others are nicely pigmented and work really well, even the mattes which have sometimes let down the palettes in the past for me.

I do have a lot of neutral palettes, I seem to be unable to resist them, but this one has a few colours that make it a bit different and I’m definitely happy that I bought it. The main standouts for me are Sun is Shining, Carpe Diem and Don’t Worry as they’re all pigmented and such pretty colours. There are a few others I don’t think I have anything like already like Shine On, Feelin’ Good and Brightside as they all have a bit of a twist to the base colour that makes them different. I like the formula for these, the mattes are still pigmented despite feeling a bit powdery at first and the shimmers are really creamy and easy to apply.


I’d say this would be a good place to start if you want to try Sleek Makeup, it’s a palette that shows both types of eyeshadows and how well they can do them, though daydreamer isn’t the best the rest are more consistent than a lot of companies when it comes to mattes. If you like neutral palettes and not having anything too dark in there then this could be a good palette for you, it’s got nice bright colours for the day and I think these will be great for the summer especially with the coral and pinky tones that some of these colours have.

I would definitely recommend this palette, especially as it costs £7.99 and you get twelve eyshadows, even if you discount Daydreamer then that’s eleven nicely pigmented eyeshadows for around £8. If you do have a lot of neutral palettes then they are something a bit different in here, at least for me, but I’d say have a look in store if you can to check there’s nothing in here that’s a dupe of something you already have or at least that there aren’t too many of them as I know what it’s like to get a palette and realise you have a dupe for almost all of them, it’s a bit disappointing and makes it feel less worth it even at this price.

Have any of you guys got this palette yet? What do you think of it? I’m looking forward to playing around some more with the All Night Long palette for tomorrow’s blog.

10 thoughts on “Review: Sleek Makeup A New Day i-Divine Palette

    1. Yeah, it’s one I think I’ll use a lot, there’s a great range of colours. It took a while with photos, especially with the light not being the best at the moment here, but I like playing with them anyway so it’s fun doing posts like this 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading 🙂 I like the colour and it kind of works but it just seems to end up patchy for me unless I build it up. Maybe it’s a different batch or something and I got a poor one. Good to know it works for other people though ☺


    1. Thanks for reading ☺️ I’m glad the photos have been helpful, some stock photos don’t really do the palettes justice when you see the actual eyeshadows. Hope you like it, I still really like using this one ☺️


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