Review: No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara


A while ago I did some mascara reviews and this was meant to be in that original batch but I decided to actually use the ones I had opened before I started the next group. I used to love the Exceptional Definition Mascara from No7, for about a couple of years this was my go to mascara but I haven’t used it for a while so I was interested to see if it was as nice as I originally thought.

This mascara is available in two colours; black and black and brown, the one I have is in black but I have to say that I do really like the No7 black/brown colour as I got another type of mascara in that colour and it’s darker than I expected and a bit more subtle than the black so gives a more natural look. exceptionaldefinition4It costs £11.50 in the UK on the Boots website, I have seen it in videos for US hauls so it seems to be available in physical stores there too, I’m not sure when that started, maybe I’m late to see it.

The mascara claims to have a triple effect brush that gives volume and definition to your lashes, they do seem to be the go to descriptions and things that mascara can do for your lashes so I don’t really trust these things. The first time I got this was from one of those sets you get from No7 when you spend X amount and I’ve had a few from those kinds of sets so if you want to try this it might be worth seeing if it’s available in that kind of offer.

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