I Think I May Have Too Many Books


Well, maybe it’s not possible to have too many books, I guess I should say I have too many books I haven’t actually read yet. And my collection seems to just keep growing. I thought maybe one way of limiting myself would be to take photos and list all of the books I own that I haven’t read that I want to in 2016. I will also have this list printed out so I can actually cross them off as I read them but I don’t have the commitment to find this post every time and edit it to ross them out so this list will have to do.

I have a bad feeling that if I continue my plan of a book a week (which failed this week as I had things to do on the weekend that took all my energy so I’m drained at the moment) then I will still have some of these left over at the end of the year. I haven’t actually counted or listed the books yet as I write this so we’ll see.

I’m pretty sure that all of these books are old, some are classics, some are books that you see in a second hand book stall, I find it very hard to walk past one of those without buying something. I also seem to spend more time on eBay looking at bundles of old books than I should given how many I already have. I do have a wish list of books on amazon with a lot of newer books in it, I have decided that I will have to read five of these books before I buy a new one, unless it’s the Harry Potter one or a manga as manga books get read in a day and the Harry Potter one I just want anyway given how much I love the series in general.

I suppose I should start somewhere so I’ll start with the series of books that I have, they sort of fit together in groups so here goes.





Game of Thrones Box Set of the seven books, I know I’m late getting into this but I have wanted these for a while and I got them for Christmas so I’ll be reading them. I haven’t watched the TV show as I wanted to read the books, I do know some spoilers but have managed to remain relatively spoiler free, not that I’m all that bothered to be honest. By this time me getting annoyed at spoilers feels a bit like people getting annoyed at Hobbit spoilers when the book’s been out so long. Not sure if I’m going to read these all in one go or not, I’ll see when I get started.

Georgia Nicholson books because I’m not sure what else to call these. I have the last five in the series because I read the first ones leading up to these and then stopped. I liked them as summer reading and read them when they first came out. I bought these on a forum years ago and haven’t got round to reading them. More light reading that’ll be a nice break between heavier books I think. Not sure if I’ll still like them but I think so, will see how I go with these.


Ben Elton books, these are more that I collected from various book stalls over the past few years, some are second hand from the library I think and I have read a couple in the photo so I’ll list the ones I haven’t yet: Blind Faith, Gridlock, Stark and Past Mortem. I did like his books before but I haven’t read one in a while, I’m a fan of a lot of the TV shows he’s done and like his sense of humour so pretty sure these are going to be ones I enjoy too.

Robert Rankin is an author I found in school, mainly because eon the back there was a quote from terry Pratchett saying how much he loved his work and I’d run out of Pratchett books to read. I have quite a few of these as they were an eBay bundle, I’m pretty sure I haven’t read any of these but I might find when I get going I have read them before, if I have then I’ll just cross them off and go to the next one. I have: The Greatest Show Off Earth, The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived, Sprout Mask Replica, A Dog Called Demolition, The Fandom of the Operator, The Toyminator, They Came and Ate Us Armageddon II: The B Movie, Waiting for Godalming and the Book of Ultimate Truth. I also have The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse which I am 90% sure I have read but I’m going to add it anyway as I can’t remember it.


Blandings Books, I’ve loved the TV show which prompted me to get these, I do love the Jeeves and Worcester stories and these were on offer in the Works. I like P.G. Wodehouse’s sense of humour and the way he writes but I haven’t read any from the particular series yet. I have four of them: Something Fresh, Summer Lightning, Service with a Smile and Blanding Castle. I’m looking forward to these but, again, they’re pretty light books so I’ll probably be spreading these out between the heavier ones, not that I seem to own that many of them at the moment.

Clothbound Classics, I’m only grouping these together as they do go well in a group and also I have pretty much the same reason for reading all of them, they’re ones I’ve had on my to read list for years and I finally have them. Plus I kind of want to collect all of them, they’re so pretty and I just love how they look on my shelf. I have: Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling (I have read this before, at least the first Jungle Book and some of his short stories but I haven’t in years so want to see if it’s as good as I remember) and I want to re-read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. Any rereading of ones I’ve already read I will do at the end of the list I think.




Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special books I got these from the Works a while ago, in a few separate groups as they were never in stock at once. I think I already have a couple of them, the ones for Nine and Ten as I have a lot of the old hardback covers they did during the actual series for them. I’m looking forward to these but have a feeling these will get read pretty quickly given how fast I’ve gone through the rerelease of some of the classics, I might leave these for a bit having read five or six Doctor Who books in a row, have a bit of a break.

And now for the random ones that don’t really have any grouping at all, they’re just ones I saw and thought I’d like to read:

You’re the One that I want by Giovanna Fletcher is one I bought before last Christmas, so over a year ago, and wanted to read but haven’t got round to. I think I’ll leave this for the summer as I like reading these sort of books more then. Looking forward to it though, I love the cover on this one.

Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher (and Christmas With Billy and Me) another two I bought at the same time as You’re the One That I Want, I started to read this but maybe reading it when I was doing my final work on my dissertation wasn’t the best timing so it got left. I think I might read this next, I just feel like it now I’ve remembered about it.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer is one of those books I saw on a second hand book stall at the village fete and I just picked it up. I’m not really expecting much from it but I was curious about how good it actually was rather than just going by what others said about it. Sometimes by favourite things seem to be ones that get bad reviews.

The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde is one I am really looking forward to, I love the idea of going into books and the books getting into each other. I almost bought more in the series but they weren’t in stock at the time. They’re probably going to end up on my to buy list this year.

Great Science Fiction Stories is a collection of four classic sci-fi stories, I found it in a National Trust second hand book shop and think I paid £1 for it. It has 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C Clarke, The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester, The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham and I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. I’ve heard of all of them apart from The Demolished Man and studied ideas or parts of the other three and enjoyed them, just never got round to picking them up so I had to get this book.

Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold was another I saw on the fete stall, it seemed an interesting story by the blurb and I’d heard people say it was good so I picked it up. I don’t really have any preconceptions going into this one so I’ll see how I feel about it, I’ve managed to remain spoiler free so far even though it was a movie too.

The Red Dwarf Omnibus – Red Dwarf and Better Than Life by Grant Naylor is a book that I had to get when I saw it in an eBay store I was buying from anyway. I love Red Dwarf and have all the DVDs, I think I’ve watched the original series up to V about a hundred times since I was little as we had it on VHS recorded from the TV, it was my go to thing to watch when I was ill and we didn’t have many of them so they got watched a few times over one illness quite often. I still go back to them when I need a laugh and love the Last Human book that I got in middle school from a school book stall. I love the writing style and they always make me smile so I’m keeping this for a day when I need it, though to be honest I’m not sure I can wait that long now I have it on a list to actually read.

In the Woods by Tana French is a book I saw recommended on a YouTube video and I was intrigued by the description. It also happened to be being sold fairly cheap by a store on eBay that had books I was buying for my dad’s birthday so I ended up with it. I love murder mysteries and psychological thrillers and this seems to have a bit of a mix of both. It’s high up on my to read list.

Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters by Jane Austen and Ben H Winters is a book that cost 99p when I had to spend 50p for free postage on the Works website. I was hoping to get Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but it was out of stock and this had a similar idea so I went with it as it was in the cheap book category. I’m not sure how well it’ll do, doesn’t get as good reviews as the other one but I like the idea and the cover art.

I do have a range of Doctor Who and Torchwood books and, to be honest, I can’t remember which I have and haven’t read. I’m sure about ¾ of the Torchwood ones have never been read but I’m not including them as I’m not really sure. I might add them in as extras but they won’t count towards my 5 for a new book because I know they’re quick reads. Maybe some weeks I’ll get two books read, I’ll stick an extra post on the weekend if I do and maybe have a Torchwood or Doctor Who hardback in it then.

This post got a bit longer than I meant it to, both to write and in words as I ended up flicking through them all as I was writing about them. I counted them all up and realised I have 51 books here in my to read pile. I am most definitely waiting until I have it down to fifty before I buy a new one as I made the plan of buying one after every five before I started the Doctor Who ones but that’ll be seven books then, doing it on the fives seems a nice round number. I guess technically though there are more as some have multiple books in there but I’m just counting the physical books. Let’s see how well this buying one every five works out, I may have to make it two as there are definitely some books I really want and I want to start getting more recent books rather than being ten years behind.

Saying physical books reminds me, I have a load on my kindle and iBooks apps, ones I bought in the Humble Bundle sales and have never read. Maybe I should do another post with those. Would anyone actually be interested in that? I know I like to see what people are planning to read but I’m not sure if anyone else does.

Does anyone else do this? Buy books, plan to read them and then buy more before you do and then you realise that you have way more to read than you actually probably will in a year. I am tempted to try and do the 100 books in a year challenge, then I’d actually get through all of these, but I find that ME does limit me on my reading and a lot of my energy is going towards starting the business. Maybe next year, though by then I’ll probably have 200 to read!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m not sure if anyone’s actually interested in what I’m planning on reading but I like reading other posts or watching videos of book hauls or what people are going to read, maybe I’m just nosy. Are there any of these books in my list you’ve read you’d recommend? I’m looking for any ideas on where to start apart from closing my eyes and pointing at the moment!

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