I Think I May Have Too Many Books


Well, maybe it’s not possible to have too many books, I guess I should say I have too many books I haven’t actually read yet. And my collection seems to just keep growing. I thought maybe one way of limiting myself would be to take photos and list all of the books I own that I haven’t read that I want to in 2016. I will also have this list printed out so I can actually cross them off as I read them but I don’t have the commitment to find this post every time and edit it to ross them out so this list will have to do.

I have a bad feeling that if I continue my plan of a book a week (which failed this week as I had things to do on the weekend that took all my energy so I’m drained at the moment) then I will still have some of these left over at the end of the year. I haven’t actually counted or listed the books yet as I write this so we’ll see.

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