ME, Myself and I: Cooking with ME

I don’t know what it is recently, maybe I’m feeling a bit better in general or it’s that whole start new goals and get healthier with my eating and not have loads of rubbishy snack food that’s made me want to start making more food again. I’ve always liked cooking, not really baking on my own unless it’s carrot cake or cookies (mainly because they’re my favourite cakey things to eat and that I can actually make well without messing up something), but more savoury things and actual meals.

Recently, probably the last five or so years, I have become more interested in finding new recipes, I haven’t made many but I like looking for them anyway and finding out about food from other countries and traditional food for different regions. I think this is probably 50% because of ME, not being able to do any actual travelling to these countries, and 50% my age as I’m getting older and probably people get more interested in these things in general in their 20s than they would be in their teens. I know I’m generalising but I’ve tended to think of cooking as something that’s a grown up thing to do, maybe that’s just me.

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