Review: Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream


This is a product I got in my Marks and Spencer advent calendar and did a mini review thing in the post then but I love this so much and how much it has helped my dry skin in the winter weather that I felt it deserved its own proper review. I have used this product in the past, I think it was a few years ago now, and although I liked it then I didn’t repurchase it, I can’t remember why but I think it was just the sheer amount of hand products I had at the time and this kind of got lost in them. This time it hasn’t, despite me having eight different hand creams and a few cuticle oils or balms.

This Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is from Burt’s Bees and comes in a small tin which is great for travel as I’ve not had a problem with it coming off when I don’t want it to. It’s lemon scented, as the name suggests, and the 15g tin costs around the £6 mark, it seems to vary from site to site so it’s worth looking around when you buy. On the Burt’s Bees website it’s £6.49, the Boots website has it at £5.99 and the Marks and Spencer site sells it for £6 but I’ve seen these in a lot of other places including smaller local stores so it’s definitely worth looking in physical stores especially ones that sell little gifts and candles.


Ingredients and the base of the tin


The little tin this comes in is really nice, I love the whole Burt’s Bees packaging look with the traditional illustration style for the pictures on the front. I think this is the kind of packaging that anyone would be happy to have, it’s unisex and pretty plain. The tin is a simple slide off lid, there’s no screw top to it which is good I some ways as I often find that the screw lid itself is a weakness and gets bent out of shape. However, it also means that if you have greasy or slippery hands for any reason it can be hard to grip as there is very little to hold that will help you to pull the two halves apart. The lid does hold on very well which does make removing it harder at times, it took me a bit of twisting and levering one side more than the other today to get photos, but I definitely trust it in my bag. As it’s a solid product in the UK it’s not much of a problem but in hotter countries it might melt and become more liquid so it definitely needs a good seal.


The product itself is solid but has a fairly low melting point, as taking the small amount out for the photo it had got soft and started to melt within a minute or two and it’s not hot here in the UK at the moment, even in our house it’s around 19 degrees C so it would melt a lot quicker in a very hot country. It is pretty easy to get the product out, if you press down with the tip of your finger it picks some up so it’s not too hard and once you apply it to your skin it starts melting. When you first get the product on your fingers it almost looks like it should feel grainy and I’m not sure what ingredient it is but it melts without any scrubby feeling. When you apply it it does feel a bit greasy to start with and takes a while to sink in, I’d say on very dry patches maybe it’s ten minutes before the greasy feeling is completely gone but when it’s sunk in my skin feels so smooth and soft.

The scent of this product is so nice, to me anyway. It smells exactly like lemon peel, like when you cut into a fresh lemon and you get the smell. It’s a nice and clean scent without any hint of the cleaning product smell you sometimes get. I don’t know if any of you have smelled the Lush product Lemony Flutter but it smells like that but fresher. In fact the product overall is similar but this is thicker, more moisturising and less greasy to me.

It’s sold as a cuticle cream and it does work well for that but I have found that it works best for me on dry skin, especially my elbows and parts of my ankle where I get dry hard skin. I have applied it pretty much every day the past month or so and I have seen such a big difference. I think it would probably work well as a hand cream in general if you need a rich one and have very dry skin but it will leave your skin feeling a bit greasy for a bit so it would probably work best as a night cream and if you have cracked skin I wouldn’t recommend using this on it as the lemon would probably hurt quite a bit.

Overall I love this product, I’ve been using it so much and I haven’t even used a quarter of this tin so if you just use it for your cuticles I can see it lasting a lot longer. burtsbeeslemon2The photo at the top of the post was taken in the middle of January when I first thought of doing the review and this photo shows it now so that’s nearly a month of use. I love how it works like Vaseline or a similar product but is cruelty free and smells a lot better. I think it’s the sort of product that would be nice as a little present, or part of a pamper set if someone likes hand treatments. It’s also a product that might be good for travelling, especially on a plane, when you have a limited space for packing or don’t want to limit the liquids you take but still want a nice rich product for dry skin patches. I’m definitely going to be buying more of this, it’s a great travel sized product and just works for me.


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