Old vs New: Lush Lip Tints (Celebrate and Sunkissed)


I bought a Lush lip tint a while ago, one of the new formula ones, and planned on doing a comparison with the original tin versions but forgot that I had the Celebrate tin still which is, I think, the closest colour wise in the original range to the Sunkissed lip tint I got.

I think that the originals cost £5 or £6 in the tin version and the Celebrate version was a limited edition for a few years at Christmas time. Sunkissed is in the permanent line and can be found online here, it costs £5.94 for the 4g twist up stick. The most obvious difference between the two is the fact that the old versions are in the tin and the new ones are in a twist up tube but I thought I’d compare the other things about these two as well as a review of the Sunkissed lip tint.

As much as I remember the formula for the lip tints, the newer tin versions that have been sold for the past four or five years, were all very similar in staying power, opacity and how easy they were to apply. They did seem to stick with some of the older formula which was harder to apply and more waxy even after the new formula ones came out but I remember that Latte had a similar feel to Celebrate to me, I just don’t know where my tin of that actually is at the moment.


The first thing to compare is the way you apply it as this is probably the biggest change, at least to me. I originally thought they both had a similar amount in as the tin isn’t exactly huge, you can see it next to the lip balm sized lip tint, but it holds 10g of product whereas the new lip balm style packaging holds only 4g and I’m pretty sure they were a similar price when they were released. The old tins do annoy me, though at least with the lip products it’s easy enough to dip your finger in to get the product out and the newer formulas were always soft enough to do this without any trouble. My main problem was with the tins themselves, they always seemed to manage to get dented on the lid when I had them in my bag so the top of the twist was always slightly misshapen and it took some trying to get it back on at times, which doesn’t help when you have slippery lip product on your fingers. The twist up version is so much easier to apply though, the lid clicks on and stays well and it’s easy to twist up at the bottom. The plastic is sturdy and doesn’t bend, it also survives falls as I tried dropping it on tiles and no breaking yet, so there’s no worry of fiddly lids when you want to just use the product quickly.


The product itself is pretty similar, at least to me. The original is slightly more waxy and applies thicker, and this isn’t just because it’s older as it was like this when new, it sometimes got a bit patchy if your lips weren’t in perfect condition but it’s very moisturising as well as giving colour and did last well. I found that as long as it had time to dry it could survive eating and drinking quite a bit but could do with reapplying a few times if you had it on all day. These more shimmery ones seemed to last better, they left a hint of shimmer for a long time, some of the plain lip tints apart from the bright reds faded faster.

Sunkissed lip tint


The new lip tint I have applies soother and more evenly even when your lips aren’t all that great condition wise. My lips aren’t great at the moment but it applied evenly and even managed to hide the fact a little bit, I think that’s probably mainly to do with the shimmer though. It does apply thinner and feels more like a normal lip balm, it almost feels like it’s melting as it touches your lips rather than feeling the skin move when you apply it like with the older ones. It does feel fairly moisturising but it doesn’t feel like it sinks into your lips and when it dries can leave them feeling dryer than before I applied it. Unfortunately the staying power isn’t as good, I’d say it’s probably in line with a lot of tinted lip balms like the ones from the Body Shop or I used to use a Nivea one with shimmer that lasted as well. It seems to take longer to set and felt slightly tacky for a while, it came off on things when it felt like that and I ended up reapplying it every half hour or so if I did anything. It doesn’t bother me if it’s a colour I like that I have to do that but I know it would put some people off so thought I’d warn you.

The colours themselves, although close, aren’t really that comparable as Celebrate is a pink with gold or yellowish shimmer and Sunkissed is definitely more bronzed. I don’t know if any of you had these older lip tints but I imagine that Sunkissed is probably what it would look like if you wore a combination of Latte and Celebrate, a warm mid pink with orangey or gold shimmer.

The scents of these are both really nice, Celebrate is the classic celebrate or snowshowers Lush scent, a Bucks Fizz type smell. I’m finding Sunkissed hard to describe when it comes to the scent, there’s something that reminds me of the golden burnt sugar bit you get on the top of crème brulee, like caramelised something but this also seems to have a hint of citrus in there. When I put it on my lips there was a plastic hint to the smell, like a lot of ‘unscented’ lip balms you get, and the main scent/taste reminds me of those powdery sweets you get at Halloween in the UK, maybe Parma Violets. It’s a bit odd to describe but not bad, just hard to pin down.

I won’t copy them down but these two images show the different ingredients. The first is for Sunkissed, the second for Celebrate, click them to make them bigger.

Overall I do like both products, I prefer the celebrate in some ways but as that’s not available I’ll focus on Sunkissed. The main benefit of this is the creamy formula, the colour which I love and the twist up applicator which makes it so easy to use and you can be pretty precise. The downsides, to me, are the staying power and the price for the amount of product you get. I know it’s a great colour and I do like it, it’s not overly expensive as a lip colour but as it didn’t last on me I’d compare it to the Body Shop tinted lip balms which cost half the price. It is a nice lip product and I will definitely use it, I’m not sure I’ll be tempted to buy it in other colours though.

If you want something that’s got the staying power of lot of lip tints rather than tinted lip balms then this exact shade probably isn’t for you. If you’re planning on wearing it to an evening out where you’re less likely to be eating or drinking then it might be nice to wear, just be aware that if you do eat or drink you might end up with a glittery glass and with shimmer being all that’s left of the lip colour after a few times drinking from the glass. If you’re happy with reapplying it like a lip balm, and probably also using an actual balm before you first apply it, then it is a very nice colour and might be worth a look. All of the colours in the current range are stand out colours, they’re very bright or unusual for a conventional lip product colour but a lot of companies are doing this now and some for cheaper. I will say that if you like bronzes then Latte used to be a great one for coverage, I haven’t tried the new formula but the old one was nice and opaque. If you have a chance to try it out or see it in store that shade might be worth a look too.

After a while it looks a lot like the Crème Brulee shade of the Revlon Lip Butters


I did want to like this, I love their old lip tints and have a few of them still going years later, and I love the colour as it is different to a lot of other products I’ve seen. I won’t go so far as to say it’s unique as there’s probably a few companies that do lipstick type products with a similar warm shade with bronzey shimmer but it might be cheaper than a lot of them as even drugstore lipsticks often cost £7 in the UK. At the end of the day this will be used, I will probably enjoy using it, but it didn’t impress me as much as I had hoped. I would say it’s probably a pretty average lip product for the market at the moment, nothing that stands out but not bad either, it’s just a bit middle of the road and forgettable for something from Lush as they normally stand out whether for good or bad reasons.

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