Book Review: Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion by Terrance Dicks

autonsqTitle: Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion

Author: Terrance Dicks

Year written: 1974

Publisher and year: BBC Books, 2011

ISBN Number: 978-1-849-90193-2

This is another in the series of books BBC Books reprinted and released in 2011 from an old series written in the 1970s. These are all based on scripts for episodes that were aired, or rather groups of episodes that created a story arc. This book is written about the Third Doctor and is his first adventure after regenerating so you get to see the character getting used to his new body which hasn’t happened in any of the previous books I have read in the series. The episodes ran between 3 January and 24 January 1970 and includes as the ‘companions’ in this story Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and Liz Shaw though neither are existing companions, one just met him and the other has met but never travelled with him. It’s the only one so far that has everything existing in video form and it’s one that I have actually seen recently, it was shown in the UK last year on the Drama channel, so I know myself whether it has had major changes rather than just relying on what the book says changed.

As with others in the series this book includes two extra bits at the beginning and another two at the end of the book. At the front is an introduction written by Russell T Davis which is nice to see as he’s the first of these introduction or foreword writers that I actually recognise. There’s also a short piece on the Third Doctor, UNIT and Dr Elizabeth Shaw to explain the previous interactions and who they are without having to go into a lot of detail in the story. At the end there’s a short piece about the authors and a Between the Lines segment that explains anything that may be outdated to a modern audience or any differences between the original script and the book version.

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