Fortune Cookie Soap: Let it Grow Spring 2016 Soap Box


This morning my spring edition of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box arrived so I’m going to do a post about it now I’ve had a bit of a play around with some of the things. It’s more of a first impressions than a proper review but I have looked at everything.

If you haven’t heard of them before Fortune Cookie Soap are a company in the USA who make bath and body products and their signature product is the fortune cookie shaped soap. They have a large range of permanent products as well as regularly releasing limited edition seasonal ranges that are around for a while and mini collections that are a lot more limited and sell out fast. Their website is here but this collection isn’t available until February 19th. They do a Soap Box that’s released every few months before each of the main collections is released, normally for the seasons so four times a year. As I live in the UK this has taken a while to get here, if I believe the postage sticker thing then over a month as it says 2nd January postage so that’s worth knowing if you’re worried about it arriving if you order it in the future. The box contains 8 -10 samples of a range of products, one in each of the scents that’s going to be released in the upcoming range. Included in this are two full sized products; one of their fortune cookie soaps and a small size of the OCD hand sanitizer. They used to only sell this size but have recently started to sell a larger version too.

Each of the seasonal collections has another theme alongside normally, this time it’s Let it Grow which I think it based around something Dr Seuss related if I remember correctly, maybe someone can tell me which one as I can’t find it after looking online for a bit. I don’t know what it’s based on so I won’t get any in jokes and none of them really stand out as obviously to do with anything Dr Seuss that I remember.


The box itself is fairly plain, it does have the logo on the top in a light blue but it didn’t arrive in the best condition so I haven’t photographed it. FCSspring1It’s a nice sized box but it doesn’t fit into the letterbox so be aware that when you receive the shipping email (if you do rather) then you should keep an eye out for the postman after a few weeks if you’re in the UK. Inside is the normal card giving the description of everything as well as some shredded paper, this time in green to go with the spring theme, to keep the products safe. I have never had any of their products leak in these boxes even without any tape around them though some of the bath bomb type products don’t arrive intact. Each time there’s a little something extra, this time it’s a few small flower shaped pieces of what looks like recycled paper. Inside these are some seeds so you just sprinkle them on the ground outside and they’ll grow. I’m not sure what kind of seeds they are or if they’ll survive in the UK since they’re made in America but I’ll give it a go anyway.


Guardian of the Forest Fortune Cookie Soap has a scent described as ‘a bouquet of spring flowers with a squeeze of lemons’. This is definitely a light floral, I don’t smell anything citrus in there but it’s nice and light and bright and a good spring scent. It’s pretty sweet for a floral scent and it reminds me a bit of the floral flavoured traditional sweets you can get in the UK. This is one of the full sized products and I do love these soaps, they last a lot longer than you’d expect considering they’re made with a thin layer of soap bent into the fortune cookie shape. There’s not much lather without a scrubby thing but with it there’s quite a bit and it still lasts well.


This Thing? OCD Hand Sanitizer has a scent described as ‘orange notes with sweet vanilla and a hint of citrusy-lemon and delicate florals’. I definitely get the citrus and orange scents in here with something sweet which is probably the citrus. I don’t get anything I can actually identify as floral but maybe it’s in there hiding and would come out more in another product. I like these OCDs, I don’t think I’ve bought a hand gel since getting the Soap Boxes. It’s a nice formula that doesn’t dry my skin out as much as others and is a great hand bag size.


Disco Tree Whipped Cream is a sample size of the body cream and has the scent of ‘fresh picked berries, lily of the valley and sandalwood’. There is some berry scent in this but there’s definitely more floral to me, I think it’s the lily of the valley scent. I don’t get sandalwood from it as it’s just bright, floral and slightly sweet. These are really moisturising as a product but do take quite a while to sink in so they’re a great moisturiser for the evening when it doesn’t matter if you get grease on your pyjamas. The scent lingers quite well with this one but it’s fairly subtle.


Unless… Pedi-Bomb is a new product I think, I haven’t seen pedi-bombs on their site before but it’s like a small bath bomb to use as a foot soak to moisturise your skin and help your feet. Scent wise it’s described as ‘a hint of algae, hyacinths and waterlilies, grounded by dirt and oakmoss, earthy woods and resin. This is a very resin and earth based scent but the floral takes a bit of the strength out of it. It reminds me a lot of potpourri, it’s not one I’d choose as it’s very strong but it might be a nice room scent rather than a product for your skin.


Oh Hair Shampoo Bar is probably my favourite scent in this whole box, I keep wanting to lick it as it really reminds me of some hubba bubba bubblegum they used to sell when I was younger that was peach based. It’s described as ‘fresh peach nectar and shaved grapefruit with thyme’ which fits it exactly. This is definitely one I can see myself getting other products in. As far as the shampoo bar goes I really like their formula. It lathers well, especially when you have short hair and can rub it straight on your head as it works really well. They also last a long time, I had one of the tea tree full sized one for months so this will probably last a couple of months for me, it does depend how often you wash your hair and the length and thickness of it though.


One C Cuticle Oil is another new product type I think as I don’t remember seeing it before. This comes in a little glass vial with a dropper and is a pretty thin consistency so can get a bit messy. The scent description for this is ‘warm woods swirled with patchouli and creamy vanilla’ which does not come across to me at all. All I can really get is mint with maybe a hint of patchouli in the background, the patchouli scent does come out more when it warms up on your fingers but I still get mainly something fresh like mint.


Paradise Found Petal Perfume is a very pretty product with the petals floating in the oil in a roll on perfume. The scent description includes ‘freesia, bruised rose petals, fresh mangos and strawberries darkened by tonka bean and amber’. I have worn this for a few hours and the scent does change over time. To start with it’s exactly like fresh mango with a hint of floral in the background but as it settles the freesia, rose and amber come through more but there’s still the sweetness of mango and strawberry that stops it from becoming too powerful. It’s a really nice perfume oil scent as it has so many layers so I think it’d work well as a general scent products for the body or a bath product.


In-Organic Shower Steamer is supposed to smell like ‘fresh squeezed lemon with parsley’ but to me I can’t really smell anything much. I am getting a hint or something almost medicinal that reminds me of something I used to use for my hair when I was little but I can’t remember what it was. I hope this is just a duff product or maybe the fact that it’s a shower steamer as they’re often the less scented products.

Overall I am pretty happy with this range of scents, it’s a nice range for spring with a lot of bright scents and only the one that’s a woody earthy sort of smell. I do know that others who like fruity scents don’t seem to be as happy with this box and, although I’m not a fan of florals normally the combinations with other scent types just works really well for me. It’s a hard one to know who to recommend this to, the only two or three that are definite to fit into one group to me are Guardians of the Forest as a light floral, Unless… as an earthy or incense based scent and Oh Hair as it’s a pure strong ‘fake sweets’ type fruity scents.

I like this collection and it’s definitely unusual but fits into the Spring theme. I like the combinations and think it’s worth checking out if you like bright, stereotypically spring type scents. Even if these scent types don’t suit you I think that the product types themselves are really good in the permanent range. They’re often more single scent products than these but they all work well. The Spring range itself is going to be released on February 19 6PM CST which is middle of the night in the UK. The larger ranges like these don’t tend to sell out too quickly but the more popular products can sell out before we get up here so it might be worth setting an alarm if you really want something and don’t want to risk it.

Have any of you got the soap box? What’s your favourite scent?

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