ME, Myself and I (kind of): Starting a Business (a Bit of an Update)

I did have another post planned but I realised I haven’t posted anything much about this after August or September and today was not a good energy day. I had a blood test yesterday and I’m never great with them, it always takes more energy than I expect and my arm seems to go all weird and weak the next day so this will be quite a short post. I’ll do the post I meant to do today next week instead, I didn’t realise how long it would be so it may become two parts.

Having decided I was going to start my own business over a year ago it’s still not been officially open because the people helping me set it up that I was put in touch with through the Job Centre wanted me to set up a business plan. However it is finally happening, I have a date that I am planning on opening my Etsy store, April 1st, so now it’s all getting more real and I have these things I need to do and make lots of stock ready to sell.

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Fortune Cookie Soap: Let it Grow Spring 2016 Soap Box


This morning my spring edition of the Fortune Cookie Soap Box arrived so I’m going to do a post about it now I’ve had a bit of a play around with some of the things. It’s more of a first impressions than a proper review but I have looked at everything.

If you haven’t heard of them before Fortune Cookie Soap are a company in the USA who make bath and body products and their signature product is the fortune cookie shaped soap. They have a large range of permanent products as well as regularly releasing limited edition seasonal ranges that are around for a while and mini collections that are a lot more limited and sell out fast. Their website is here but this collection isn’t available until February 19th. They do a Soap Box that’s released every few months before each of the main collections is released, normally for the seasons so four times a year. As I live in the UK this has taken a while to get here, if I believe the postage sticker thing then over a month as it says 2nd January postage so that’s worth knowing if you’re worried about it arriving if you order it in the future. The box contains 8 -10 samples of a range of products, one in each of the scents that’s going to be released in the upcoming range. Included in this are two full sized products; one of their fortune cookie soaps and a small size of the OCD hand sanitizer. They used to only sell this size but have recently started to sell a larger version too.

Each of the seasonal collections has another theme alongside normally, this time it’s Let it Grow which I think it based around something Dr Seuss related if I remember correctly, maybe someone can tell me which one as I can’t find it after looking online for a bit. I don’t know what it’s based on so I won’t get any in jokes and none of them really stand out as obviously to do with anything Dr Seuss that I remember.

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