Book Review: Doctor Who and the Cybermen by Gerry Davis

drwhocybermen1Title: Doctor Who and the Cybermen

Author: Gerry Davis

Year written: 1974

Publisher and year: BBC Books, 2011

ISBN Number: 978-1-849-90191-8

This is another book in the series that the BBC rereleased in 2011 from the original Target Books run first released in 1974. Like the others this has the additional parts of the Changes Face of the Doctor that explains the incarnation of the Doctor and a bit about each of his companions, a foreword by someone related to Doctor who written in 2011 and, at the end of the book, some information on the authors and a section that explains any differences between this and the original script shown on TV and anything that might need explaining to a modern audience.

This book is about the Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton and his companions Polly, Ben and Jami. As with the previous books I reviewed in this series this one was based on a serial from the TV series called The Moonbase, this time being four episodes long, it showed from 11 February – 4 March 1967. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia page about it, don’t read it if you don’t want any spoilers for the book though! Two of the four episodes still exist on film, 1 and 3, but 2 and 4 have only got the audio recording available. This story is the second time that the Doctor has encountered the Cybermen on the TV show and the image on the front of the book isn’t the same as the ones that would have been on the screen at the time, these are later versions.

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