ME, Myslf and I: Painting and Arty Things or Finding Old Hobbies


I think I did a post on hobbies before, I can’t remember if I did or not, if not then maybe I’ll do it next week as I have a good list of lower energy hobbies that I’ve tried that are great for low energy days or if you’re more severely affected.

Before I had ME most of my hobbies seemed to be around sports and actually doing things so I ended up not being able to do them any more. Years ago I used to draw a lot and liked to paint, I only really stopped doing it so much because of studying and the fact that I had a choice at GCSE between Graphics where I was told I’d get an A or art where I was predicted D so it kind of got lost somewhere along the way. Since having ME I have ended up drawing and painting more again, as it doesn’t take too much energy and you can stop and start it as much as you like.

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