Review: TheBalm In the Balm of Your Hand Face Palette


I recently made an order on Debenhams, mainly buying clothes from the sale but I saw this In the Balm of Your Hand Palette from theBalm and bought is. I was planning on buying two of theBalm blushes I’ve seen review of, one of them being something from the InStain’ range (I hadn’t decided which) and another being Cabana Boy as it’s so pretty and both of those are in this palette. This palette costs £34 on the Debenhams site which was the same price as the two products (at least where I found them online) and you get quite a few others so I thought it was worth getting. I am also a bit of a sucker for theBalm palettes, I seem to be getting a bit of a collection of them now.

Since looking this palette up on review site it seems like it was a Christmas release from theBalm along with a palette of the three Lumanizer sisters which I was almost tempted by too. This palette is a compilation of the best bits from some of their best selling palettes or products, with the sub-title of Greatest Hits Vol. 1 it makes me think they’ll be doing more in the future, which I will probably end up getting as this palette is really nice and it has a good range of products in one place, a sort of all over face palette.

Included in the palette are four eyeshadows, one luminiser, a cheek/lip stain and a lip stick in 7g pans and three blushes and a bronzer in 12g pans. There is a range of shimmer and matte in both the blush and eyeshadows colours. I do have a duplicate of at least one of the products, the Balm Jovi eyeshadow in Lead Zeppelin and I think I have the Mary Lou-Manizer in the same palette under a different name as well. I also found that the rest lip product is very close to the ones in my other two theBalm palettes, I’ve done a comparison of these as well.


The main thing that caught my eye was the packaging, it has that cute vintage kitsch design of all of theBalm palettes with a collage of different images from the front of the palettes or full sized versions of the products along with some of their other best sellers. I like the shape and size of this one, it’s completely different to the other theBalm palettes I have, I imagine it’s going to be close to the Nude Tude palettes as they have a similar shape but I haven’t seen them in person. It is pretty close in size to my Naked 3 palette, though this is slightly longer and wider but is shallower.


As with all of the palettes from theBalm (that I know of) the palette itself is made of card and therefore there isn’t a hinge to hold it open in one place to use the mirror inside. I don’t find this a problem as you often have things to lean it up against if you need to use the mirror travelling but I know it annoys some people. The palette has two lid flaps, like with a lot of their palettes that include powder and cream products, which means you can keep the cream side closed while using the powders and reduces any mixing between the two types. The mirror itself is a fair size, it does have quite a thick border compared to some brands but it’s large enough to see your face or your eyes if you angle it differently.


Inside the collage effect of the front cover continues as each of the product has a border that’s the same design as either the front of the full sized product or the general theme of the palette it’s from with the palette name as well as the product name itself. There isn’t an applicator of any kind but I’m not really bothered by this as I don’t think I really use any of the brushes or sponges that have come in any of the palettes I have.

The products themselves I have split into the three categories for swatches, though some of them have multiple uses such as shadow/blush or luminizer/blush.



I have swatched all of the blushes and bronzer twice, once just with my finger to give the most pigmented form and this then blended out beneath, the second photo shows them when applied directly with a blush brush.

Hot Mama is one of the blushes I think I’ve heard the most about in their range and I can see why, it’s really pigmented and blends well so it can be as bright or subtle as you want. It has great staying power on top of both wet and dry foundations as I tried it on BB cream and powder foundation. It’s a nice coral with a warm or gold shimmer to it which will look good for hint of shine in the summer but it a bit shimmery for me this time of year. I think this would be a nice colour for warmer skin tones or give a nice shimmer to darker tan skin. It does have quite a bit of shimmer so if that’s not something you like then this isn’t the blush for you. I did try it as a shadow and, although it’s nice it does blend out quickly and takes quite a bit of packing to keep that colour on top of a primer to make it stick. It does last well but there’s quite a bit of fallout so I’d say it suits the blush job better.

The InStain in Argyle is one of the colours I considered getting a full size of, it’s a really nice plain pink with a slight coral tint to it rather than being a true pink to me. It looks like it’s matte but it seems like it’s like a lot of theBalm mattes in that it has a hint of shimmer in it when you look really closely, maybe this is why it’s so creamy and pigmented over other matte brands. It’s quite a muted colour and it does apply well and last either way I applied it. It builds up well but starts out very subtle and I think it’s a great colour for fairer skin tones like mine as it doesn’t apply bright pink and I didn’t have to be too careful with it like I do with a lot of blushes. This doesn’t say it’s also an eyeshadow so I didn’t try it, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s not considered safe for eyelids as it’s more staining than the others or they just don’t think it’s a colour people would choose for it.

Cabana Boy is such a pretty colour, it’s a dark pink or purple with what looks like light pink and silver shimmer in it. It applies well but feels a bit powdery when you first pick it up, it blends out really evenly and no problem with the powderiness when using it. It looks quite scary in the pan, especially for fairer skin like mine, but it blends out to become sheer if you want or it could build up to be dramatic. I think this would work well for darker skin tones as well given how pigmented it is when built up. Lasted pretty well on liquid foundation but I had to wait for it to completely dry before applying it or it looked as bright as in the pan. It didn’t seem to work as well on top of my powder as the others, I’m not sure why but it seemed to disappear quicker. It worked well as a shadow though I wasn’t sure on the colour, blended out well and stuck.

Bahama Mama is the bronzer I’ve heard a lot about from theBalm in reviews and it’s a really nice mid brown shade. I’d say it’s cool rather than warm and should suit a lot of skin tones as it blends out really well and becomes quite subtle. It’s like Cabana Boy in that it’s quite powdery but it lasted better. I just need to get better at contouring with this I think. I did try it as a shadow despite it not being a multi-use product and it was a nice brown to blend out other colours with. As it’s a matte colour it gave a mid brown matte to the eyeshadow selection in here. Again I’m not sure why it’s not recommended as an eyeshadow but I haven’t had a problem with it.


The eyeshadows all come from different palettes, though I have the exact same eyeshadow in the Balm Jovi palette I still like this collection as there’s a range of finishes. I’m not sure how but this version of Lead Zeppelin is smaller than the one in the Balm Jovi palette, photos for comparison are further down but this definitely surprised me, I guess these pans are shallower than a lot of the other palettes as it’s a similar thing in the Nude Tude one too.

Insane Jane comes from the Shady Lady Vol. 2 palette and is a shimmery taupe with multiple coloured shimmer in it. It’s really creamy and pigmented and has great staying power with little fallout when blending it. It blends out well and there doesn’t seem to be much difference between using it with or without a primer. In the original palette this is in the top right of the palette. It suggests this works as an eyeliner and it does work well for this for a more subtle line.

Mischeivous Marissa comes from the Limited Edition Shady Lady palette and is a bright coppery mid brown shimmer. Another really creamy one that blends out well and has quite a bit of staying power. This one did have a bit of fallout when blending so you have to be careful with it but the colour stands out and works well with other brands as well. This is the middle colour in the original palette.

Sexy comes from the Nude Tude palette and is the second from the far right on the top row. It’s a warm dark brown, maybe has a hint of burgundy in it when it’s blended out as it turns more dark red or purple. It appears matte but, like the InStain has a hint of shimmer when you look close enough. It’s one of the more powdery formulas but blends pretty well and there was no problems with fallout when using it. Stayed pretty well with primer but without it blends to almost nothing so definitely one that needs a base. Another suggested eyeliner which does work well on a base, without it just seems to disappear after a while and it’s a bit powdery for easy application if there’s nothing for it to stick to.

Lead Zeppelin is from the Balm Jovi palette and is the second from the bottom in the eyeshadows on the left column. It’s a really nice creamy shadow but the glitter particles do cause quite a bit of fallout whenever I tried to do anything more than carefully pat it in place. It’s an olive or khaki green shimmer base with gold and coppery shimmer. This formula is identical to that of the Balm Jovi palette it’s from which makes me think they all are the same as their originals.thebalmofyourhand15

The final ‘eyeshadow’ is the Mary-Lou Manizer, probably the most blogged about product from theBalm. It is down as a luminizer/eyeshadow and I think it works really well as a light shimmery eyeshadow. As it’s also a highlighter it’s a pale cream shimmer and a very creamy formula that’s easy to blend out. It does work well as a highlight and first applies sheer if you use a big brush, however it also works well with an eyeshadow brush to pack on more colour in a smaller space. It lasts well both ways and could be a good one to blend with other eyeshadows to add a shimmer on top.


The two lip products are separate to the others, the one is from the How ‘Bout Them Apples palette and the other says it’s a lipstick but I’m not sure if it’s the same formula as it seems an odd one for a stick form.

Caramel is the one from How ‘Bout Them Apples palette and is a cheek or lip tint so can be used as a cream blush if you want. It’s a fairly neutral colour, a mid orangey brown I think and it has a tiniest hint of shimmer that just gives you a dewy look rather than a proper shimmer. I did find that it’s a bit too pigmented for me as a blush and didn’t blend out how I’d want it to either with a range of brushes or my finger. It remained pretty pigmented and obvious where the product was. As a lip product it’s nice, it’s pretty smooth and easy to apply with either your fingers or a lip brush, though I think the finger gave it a sheerer look but the brush made it more pigmented. It did last pretty well once it set, it lasted better the sheerer it was.

The pure lipstick from the Balm Girls collection called Starring: Mia Moore. As far as I know this is only available in a proper lipstick form outside of the palette, though I think it’s very close to the reds I got in my other two theBalm face palettes with lip products. It’s a fairly standard classic red, it’s very pigmented and sticks well, it did feel more like a lip stain than a lipstick to me and it has a glossy finish. It is easy to apply with either your finger or a brush and is more opaque with a brush but lasts better with your finger. It doesn’t blend much once it’s applied and stays put when it’s set.


Overall I am definitely impressed with this palette, the range of products is nice and I think it does cover a good range of their best bits of their product range. One product I was surprised wasn’t included was Frat Boy, just because I’ve seen so much about it everywhere but then there’s already a lot of blushes in the palette so another would have been a bit much, maybe it’ll be in the next one. I like how the colours are fairly neutral with the eyeshadows but there’s also a bit of a twist to the couple of them, Lead Zeppelin and the inclusion of Cabana Boy as a possible eyeshadow add a green and purple hint to the looks you could do.

If you don’t already have anything form theBalm and you want a compilation of some of the best bits and a nice range to show what they can do then this is a great palette to try. If you have a few of their palettes or already have their blushes then, aside from this making it a handy place with them all together, it’s probably not worth the money. Compared to the full sized products these pans aren’t much smaller than some and turn out to be bigger than their equivalents elsewhere, I couldn’t find them all but it seems like InStain is normally 5.5g which is less than this 12g pan so it’s a bigger size in that. I think the rest range, the round ones being smaller, though often not by much as the blushes I found were mainly 7-8g, the eyeshadows between 8-10g and the lumanizer depends what you get it in, between 4g-12g.

I would recommend this palette to anyone who doesn’t already have most of these products, the fact that it’s a greatest hits style palette does mean that fans of theBalm are likely to already own quite a few from here so I think it’s aimed more at new fans or people who are being introduced to the brand. I think it would make a pretty good first palette for someone being introduced to makeup as there’s everything in here and the multi-use products means you can play around a bit but you have a bit of a hint what you can use them for. I think this is going to become one of my favourite travel palettes, I do love their mini AutoBalm ones for short stays but this covers pretty much everything in powder form. You do need your mascara, eyeliner and foundation/concealer but I think you do with any face palette and the addition of the sleeve that holds it all shut means I wouldn’t worry about it flying open in my suitcase.

Unfortunately, as this is a Christmas release I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be available. I have only found it on the Debenhams website in the UK but it seems to be on a range of them in the USA.


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