Review: Lush Valentine’s Day 2016 and Kitchen


I think almost all of my Lush orders end up being this time of year with the Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Easter products as I tend to like the scents they come out with in the ranges. This time there were a couple of the Kitchen products I wanted too so I got them as well. They were the Happy Blooming Jelly and the Happy soap. The Kitchen makes products, a different one each day of the week, and these are only available in small batches so they run out quickly. These are either old products that have been discontinued or sometimes exclusives like perfumes, Oxford Street Store products or products that are going to be released in the future.

The Valentine’s Day range doesn’t really have a theme scent wise, at least that I can tell, and some are old scents returning from previous years. I only ordered four things from the range as they were the ones that appealed to me the most. The ones I chose were Prince Charming shower cream, Roses all the Way soap, The Kiss lip gloss and the Unicorn Horn bubble bar. All of the products that I bought in the valentine’s Day range are vegan friendly. The remaining two are a lip scrub in the same scent as the lip gloss and the Lover Lamp bath bomb that has a chocolate orange scent which I am not really a fan of in bath products.

As far as I know these products are going to be available until Valentine’s Day, that’s the way they normally work but if something goes out of stock close to Valentine’s Day I think in the past they haven’t restocked them. Other times there have been limited edition products a while after they’ve been discontinued.

L-R: Roses All the Way and Happy soap


I don’t often get Lush soaps though I have found that some, especially the Sultana of Soap, are really nice and creamy and don’t dry my skin out. I will say that Lush soaps don’t lather as much as a lot of other soaps and you need either a scrubby glove or a shower puff to get any real bubbles from them. Both of these soaps are limited edition but both are also still available on the website.

Happy Soap, 90g soap is £4.25 which seems a bit expensive but I wanted to try this so much. It was one I’ve wanted to try in the past but have missed it the few times it’s been made. I really like orange scented products and this is a nice, fairly subtle, orange soap. It’s just pure orange, it reminds me a bit of really fresh orange sweets, not the really sweet kind but more like the fresh tasting chews, I hope that makes sense. Dry it’s a very subtle scent and you need to really get your nose close but it does get stronger or throw more when it gets wet. These clear based soaps are often more drying and I’d say this is definitely one that dries your skin out more. It’s a really nice soap but I don’t think I’d buy it again just because of this. Also it’s not one of the stand out Lush scents, it’s the kind of smell you could get from any soap company as it’s a pretty generic orange scent.

Roses All the Way Soap (I am sure that this was called Painting the Roses Red, maybe I’m imagining it) is one of those soaps that I think is only available, online at least, in the moulded form. I think in stores you can get any size cut off and then it’s a bright green background with these stuck on. This costs £4.25 for a 100g piece which still seems a little expensive to me but I guess it’s fairly standard for a Lush soap. This is a very subtle rose scent, it’s slightly sweet but not as much as Rose Jam, it does have a similar scent though. It reminds me of Turkish delight but a very light scent. I do love this design and I like the idea of the Alice in Wonderland theme with the red coming off as you wash with it to reveal the white underneath. These creamy based soaps often don’t lather as well but are less drying and I didn’t find this one too bad for drying out my skin. I do like this soap, though I was expecting something more like Scentenary (I wish they’d do that some time again). If you’re expecting that smell then you might be disappointed, this is less sweet, more powdery and a lot weaker scent wise.

L-R: Happy Blooming Jelly and Prince Charming Shower Cream


Prince Charming Shower Cream is available in a few different sizes; 100g (£4.95), 250g (£9.75), 500g (£16.50) and 1kg (£27.95). I got the 250g as, although I love the scent, I have found that the shower cream formulas go very thin pretty quickly once you start using them rather than staying thick like the shower gel with the same name did in the past. This is one of the returning scents and it’s one I didn’t buy in the past but once I tried it after someone was selling it cheaper online last year I decided I wanted more. I do wish they’d kept with the original shower gel formula but this shower cream is more moisturising than those. I always find this a really hard product to describe scent wise, it’s supposed to be pomegranate, marshmallow root and vanilla which makes it a fresh scent with a hint of sweetness and I think the main scent I get is pomegranate, like fake pomegranate rather than fresh fruit. As far as bubbles goes this isn’t the best, you need a shower puff or scrubby gloves when washing but it does work ok as a bubble bath. Unfortunately this did become thinner within days of it being opened so if you want a thick creamy product this probably isn’t the one to go for.

Happy Blooming Shower Jelly was only available in the 240g pots and I think it cost around £10, I can’t remember though and it’s not available any more. I love Lush shower jellies, they work so well as a shower gel type product as well as on your hair if you keep it as a big chunk and rub it on your hair. It does also work fairly well as a bubble bath if you hold it under the running water and the fact it’s solid means it’s great for travel as long as you have it in something that seals well as it can leak a bit with the liquid that forms around the jelly. Scent wish I’d say this is pretty much spot on the smell of Cherry Drops, some boiled sweets you get in the UK in rolls by Bassetts. It smells amazing but it’s the strong sweet fake cherry scent. If you like cherry products then this might be worth getting if it’s available in the future.

L – R: The Kiss Lip Gloss and Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar


The Unicorn Horn Solid Bubble Bar is another product making a comeback and it costs £4.25. It seems expensive but I generally find that one of these will do three baths if you’re careful so per bath it’s not too expensive. I love the idea behind this and remember when a forumite came up with it, it’s a pity Lush didn’t credit them, and it was based off the Unicorn Poo cookies that seemed to be online and going round at the time. I like the look of it though the lustre does come off on anything it goes near so I can imagine you get a bit shimmery in the bath. With the look and name I expected this to be a sweet scent but it’s more herby to me, with some sort of sweetness in it but not the pink or snow fairy type scent I thought it might have. It says it’s lavender and neroli and it really reminds me of another Lush product in the past, I have a feeling it might be Aura Suavis shower gel.

The Kiss Lip Gloss comes in a twist up tube and costs £5.95, it’s one of my favourite products from past Valentine’s Day ranges as it works really well on my lips and smells good. In the past I’ve had a hint of something aniseed or liquorice but the scent this time reminds me of Dolly Mix, the smell you get when you open the bag with the combination of everything, the really sweet orange and slightly berryish purple ones and the just pure sugar smell that those sweets have. The finish on this is really nice, it’s a subtle pink base with cool pink shimmer in it, enough to give it a bit of shine and small enough not to feel gritty. In the past this was sold in their little tins and think that’s a lot better for this product as it’s so soft it just squishes and separates when you try to use it on your lips, the only way I can use it is to get a bit off the stick on my fingers and then apply it which kind of defeats the purpose of the twist up stick. I live in the UK and it is not warm, it’s been less than 9 degrees every day and it’s not really warm inside the house so if you live in a hot country I can see this melting really quickly. I do still like the product, I just don’t think this is a good way for them to sell it. I hope in the future if they do it they sell it back in the tins. One thing to note is also that the colour is nothing like the colour online, I have never had one that is that bright pink and this one is definitely a lot more subtle and ore shimmer than it looks on there.

I’m happy with everything I got but I am disappointed with the Kiss lip gloss as it’s so hard to use in the twist up tube. To use it I think I’m going to have to try and find an old tin or tube to put it in and dig it out of the twist up tube which defeats the object of the thing. This just adds work for me but I might do it as without doing that it’s a lot less useable and is just annoying.

I think that the Prince Charming cream is my favourite of the Valentine’s Day products though I really can’t describe it well, it’s a unique scent that I haven’t smelled anywhere else. The Unicorn Horn is another unusual scent, it’s not one I’ve seen anywhere else that I can remember and I’d call it a typically Lush smell. Although both the soaps are nice they’re much more generic and you could probably get one very close to the Happy soap for a lot less elsewhere as it’s as drying as any other brand. I think the rose one is slightly creamier than some other brands but it’s probably another that has equivalents elsewhere.

Have any of you bought these or planning to get them? I’m tempted by the Mother’s Day and Easter products and will probably do another order when they’re both out, there are so many orange scents this year and it’s one of my favourite kinds of scent so I hope they do a Lush twist on it. Have you been to the Lush store and smelled the Mother’s Day things? They were released today and I’ve seen a few videos on them already.

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