Book Review: Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen by Terrance Dicks

frontcoverTitle: Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen

Author: Terrance Dicks

Year written: 1974

Publisher and year: BBC Books, 2011

ISBN Number: 978-1-849-90192-5

I ended up reading another Doctor Who book, I think I’m going to go through the whole set that I bought as I’m already half way through it. I bought these books on eBay and I think it was around £8 for the six of them. They’re all based on stories with the first three Doctors, this book is from a story shown in the TV with the Second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton and his companions Vitoria and Jamie. This edition is a reprint of the 1974 released in 2011 with a foreword from Stephen Baxter and a small explanation on who the Doctor and his companions are at the beginning and at the end there are short parts about the author and some additional notes about the book such as changes or things that are worth noticing.

Even though this is one of the books based on a story shown on TV the originals don’t exist any more as the BBC destroyed them. It was a six part story arc and the only part remaining is the second episode which is available on the Lost in Tome DVDs, there are also CDs with the story on but I’m not sure how much of the original is in there. I think the storyline is pretty true to the original though, having read a synopsis, there are a few changes.

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