ME, Myself and I: Goals for 2016, or Part of it

I’ve done a couple of posts in the past about planning and how I don’t tend to plan too far into the future because ME kind of ruins a lot of those plans but I do set goals for myself, either things that I can do daily or longer term goals with deadlines. I try to make these achievable, or at least quite a few of them, because I’ve tried to make harder goals in the past that were less achievable and it just makes me feel even more down about what I can’t manage to do because of my chronic illness.

Basically I find that being flexible with goals is the main thing, at least for me, I review my goals pretty often and change them though I realised I haven’t actually looked at the goals I set in August in this post. So I thought, with it being the beginning of a new year and a pretty good time to set new goals, it was worth doing that and looking whether I actually managed to do the ones I set. I think I ended up failing on most of them but I did have quite a few health problems so I’m not too down on it, a new start and everything, so I’m probably keeping a few of them and trying more to achieve them.

Another main point I will add is that every goal I set I push to do it if I am well enough, I have been ill long enough to recognise when I am too ill to do something or if doing that extra little thing, trying to get that extra goal in a day or a week, will set me back and mean I’m too ill to do more in the days after. I think for anyone with ME that’s a big thing with goals, do not push yourself too hard if it’s going to affect your health afterwards in a way that makes it even harder to do what you want. Goals are just things to aim for, it’s great when you achieve them but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to do them. Also anything can be a goal, things that most people without a disability do without thinking can be big achievements, like getting dressed every day or having a shower or washing your hair X amount of times a week/once every X days.

And now onto the goals I set myself, and I know that I didn’t achieve most of them but I’m going to re-use them anyway as something to aim for so here goes:

Daily Goals:

  • Wake up before 11am (surprisingly hard on bad days) – did this most days but it did sort of fall apart when I was ill and after Christmas
  • Get up before midday – Again, hard but I did achieve this apart from a few days after Christmas
  • Get dressed – I think I was pretty successful here apart from really bad days and around Christmas where I wear pyjamas a lot because it’s just comfy even when I’m feeling ok!

Weekly Goals:

  • Go for a walk at least three times a week – Total failure
  • At least three blog posts a week – Success! I even went up to five
  • Tidy my room on the weekend, if not more regularly at least once a week – Success until Christmas where it kind of got overwhelmed with Christmas things and packing/unpacking for going away
  • Make at least one item of jewellery a week until I’m properly starting – Failed, mainly because I was told to stop and focus on the paperwork side
  • Go out at least once a week (shopping, etc.) – Failed, too ill most of the time and it took me longer to get over finishing my degree than I thought

Longer Term Goals (before the end of the year as a rough timescale):

  • Start my online business properly (will start in September when my degree finishes) – Not successful yet, simply because of the paperwork and the way they wanted me to work through it
  • Finish my degree! (Ok so this will happen anyway as my course ends but it’s nice to have it in here as a goal) – Done!!
  • Increase my exercise so I can do more, though will do this gradually (probably with the Wii but still exercise) – I was pretty successful with this and do exercises every day, though they’re mainly toning and muscle stretches, this is one of the first to go on bad days though as it’s the thing that would have the worst knock on affect

Looking at those I didn’t really manage any of them as well as I thought I would. I did think that they were manageable at the time but it turned out with the illnesses, viruses and the hospital visits alongside recovering after my degree I just didn’t have the energy for a lot of them. I am going to r-use quite a few as they seem manageable but I do have quite a few other goals to include as I have a better idea of what I’m doing now, like with the blog and the business, rather than at the time I was still working on my degree and not sure how I was going to manage the rest. I also have a few more organisation goals that I’m including and I have at least one deadline date (kind of anyway) I’m going to put in here. So onto the new goals!

Daily Goals:

  • Wake up before 11am (surprisingly hard on bad days) (I will say at the moment my alarm is 11:30 because I’m trying to get this down so it’ll be a couple of weeks before it’s 11)
  • Get up before midday
  • Get dressed
  • Make a healthy snack when having breakfast so I’m not snacking on crisps when my blood sugar drops

Weekly Goals:


  • Make something jewellery related, either work on something I’ve already started or come up with ideas, make an order, just do something for 5 days a week
  • Go for walks 3 times a week
  • Check my organiser/diary at the beginning of each week
  • Aim for going out once a week (not sure how achievable this is when working on the jewellery making but I’m putting it in here anyway)
  • Tidy my room on the weekend
  • Five blog posts a week, try to stick to the schedule as well
  • Post on my jewellery Facebook page at least once a week

Longer Term Goals

  • Increase exercise so I can go out more
  • Create an actual theme and graphics for my blog
  • Create graphics for jewellery company
  • Start selling jewellery (aim is April 1st to coincide with tax year)
  • Every two or four weeks decorate the planner pages
  • Work on having some ‘spare’ blog posts for each kind I do so I can just post one of them if my health isn’t very good. Make sure they’re all still relevant every couple of weeks.


I’m sure I have more but I can’t think of them, they seem enough to be getting on with anyway. I do also have the goal to have my room organised and keep it that way enough for me to be able to get some gerbils. It’s not that I need to do much for it but I’d rather be at the point where my room is well organised and I have empty drawers so if I have a bad day I can put things in there to sort later without having a load of mess out on the side and I can keep on top of it without taking all my energy so I have enough to look after the gerbils themselves. I really miss my last ones and, although I do love Ianto, a bearded dragon is harder to cuddle and stroke than something like a gerbil.

I think these goals are pretty achievable. I will probably ease myself into them, for example I won’t suddenly do three walks a week, it’s sort of building up to doing that when I’m over the virus I have at the moment. As the aim for my jewellery store selling online and possibly in local or small shops in other areas is April 1st then that seems like a good time to look these over again, or maybe a week or so later if it’s taking more energy than I expect to set it all up.

I think I covered a lot in there and didn’t want to give myself too much. I’m planning on making them look a bit nicer and printing them out and putting them on my cork noticeboard so I see them all the time and I remember them. I find things like that help keep me more motivated to try them. I did consider doing a table and checking things off when I’ve done them but that seems a bit more work and it’d be more disheartening if I have a few days without ticks by some of them.

Are there any goals you guys have that you think would be good to aim for? Or any that you’ve set yourself?

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