ME, Myself and I: Goals for 2016, or Part of it

I’ve done a couple of posts in the past about planning and how I don’t tend to plan too far into the future because ME kind of ruins a lot of those plans but I do set goals for myself, either things that I can do daily or longer term goals with deadlines. I try to make these achievable, or at least quite a few of them, because I’ve tried to make harder goals in the past that were less achievable and it just makes me feel even more down about what I can’t manage to do because of my chronic illness.

Basically I find that being flexible with goals is the main thing, at least for me, I review my goals pretty often and change them though I realised I haven’t actually looked at the goals I set in August in this post. So I thought, with it being the beginning of a new year and a pretty good time to set new goals, it was worth doing that and looking whether I actually managed to do the ones I set. I think I ended up failing on most of them but I did have quite a few health problems so I’m not too down on it, a new start and everything, so I’m probably keeping a few of them and trying more to achieve them.

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