Review: No7 Pop and Glow Cream Blush in Pink Blush


This is one of the products I got for Christmas in the free gift that No7 were doing when you spend a certain amount and it’s not a colour that seems to be available on the website at the moment but I’ve not seen much about the No7 Cream Blushes on blogs so I thought I’d do a review as I think the formula is the same as the ones I’ve tested in stores. The colour I have is Pink Blush and is a fairly neutral dusty rose colour to me, maybe towards coral as it’s not pink based. This a 5.5g product and I think it’s full size, at full size these cost £9.95 in the other colours in Boots.

I have seen a few colours available in stores, I think it’s the same as the ones on the website at the moment, and I’d say that this colour isn’t too far off the Mango Sorbet one if you want to find one that’s a similar colour. I don’t actually know the name of this one, I’m guessing it’s called Pink Blush as that’s what it had on the box the set came in but it’s nowhere on the product so that may not be the official name. I have, however, found it on eBay listed under that name so that may be your best bet if you want this exact product.


I’ve always been curious about these blush sticks, I’ve seen a few companies do them but I’ve never actually bought one as I don’t use blush that much and I tend to prefer the powder ones but getting it free in a set is a perfect way to give it a go. The No7 ones are a nice handbag size, they’ve got packaging that matches the products colour which makes it easy to pick out the one you want if you have more than one and the colour match, at least on this shade, is pretty much spot on. The base twists up, it’s a bit like a really big version of a twist up eyeliner or lip tint and the lid stays on well, there isn’t a click but there’s enough friction to hold it in place even in a bag. I’ve had this in a bag that’s been carried around and it hasn’t even come loose so that’s a good sign.


I love the formula for this blush, it may have converted me to cream blushes so I’ll definitely consider them in the future. It applies really easily and smoothly. Although it does look pretty pigmented even with one coat when you apply it it blends out so well that it becomes very subtle. In the swatch the far left is just applied, the middle line is three layers blended out and the far right shows what it looks like with one layer blended. It’s really easy to blend with your fingers, which is what it recommends, and even with my skin being a bit dry at the moment it didn’t catch on any drier patches and blended out really evenly. When you first apply it it feels a bit like a really soft eyeliner to apply, to me anyway, so it has a bit of a waxy feel almost but as you blend it out it starts to feel more like a powder and left my cheeks feeling really soft and smooth.

pinkblush4I’m not sure how to describe this colour really, I’d probably say a dusty neutral rose or peachy colour as it’s definitely not pink based but at the same time it’s not really a coral. I’d say it’s somewhere in the middle and makes a very nice natural look. I did find that it seemed to look a bit oranger on my skin than the product by itself so maybe if you tend to find things go orange on you, which often happens to me, then this would be one to be careful with. I did find that it only became more obviously orange either before it was blended or when I tried to layer too much, it seemed more muted peachy pink when it was blended out.

I would say that this is a matte finish as it doesn’t give that shimmery look that a lot of blushes have but looking at the product in the container there is a tiny hint of sparkle. It’s so subtle that it wouldn’t add shimmer to your cheeks, probably give you more of the ‘healthy glow’ that so many products go for now. If you want a pure matte finish then this wouldn’t be one to go for, I tend to like this finish and am not a fan of full on shimmer for blushes so it’s a nice way of getting an almost matte look without it making my skin look drier and flat which seems to happen sometimes, as my skin is dry anyway it sort of accentuates that.

My skin is very fair so it’s nice to find a blush that can blend out and become pale enough not to look over the top, that’s a problem I’ve found with some of the cream blushes I first tried a few years ago and it put me off until now. Despite blending out to very little it can also be built up fairly well, especially if you don’t do as much blending and use a brush rather than your fingers, though I’m still not sure how well this particular shade would work on darker skin tones as it was hard to get it to the point where it looked over the top on me. It might work as it could add a slightly dusty rose tint to your cheeks but it’s definitely not one to go for if you want a very pigmented finish.


Overall I am impressed with this product, considering how much I’ve avoided a lot of cream blushers in the past I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I do. I would definitely consider getting another one of these in a different colour for a more pink finish and I think it’ll be a great one for travelling as it’s a product you don’t have to worry about cracking or smashing and getting powder everywhere if you did drop your bag. I think if you like cream blushes or a blush with a subtle finish then this range would be worth considering. I haven’t given the others a proper go but from the testers in store I think they’re a similar level of pigmentation and the formula seemed to be similar so it would just be the colour that differs. I think I’ve only seen the three in stores but I hope they bring out a bigger range in the future. Have any of you tried these? What did you think of the other colours?

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