Review: No7 Pop and Glow Cream Blush in Pink Blush


This is one of the products I got for Christmas in the free gift that No7 were doing when you spend a certain amount and it’s not a colour that seems to be available on the website at the moment but I’ve not seen much about the No7 Cream Blushes on blogs so I thought I’d do a review as I think the formula is the same as the ones I’ve tested in stores. The colour I have is Pink Blush and is a fairly neutral dusty rose colour to me, maybe towards coral as it’s not pink based. This a 5.5g product and I think it’s full size, at full size these cost £9.95 in the other colours in Boots.

I have seen a few colours available in stores, I think it’s the same as the ones on the website at the moment, and I’d say that this colour isn’t too far off the Mango Sorbet one if you want to find one that’s a similar colour. I don’t actually know the name of this one, I’m guessing it’s called Pink Blush as that’s what it had on the box the set came in but it’s nowhere on the product so that may not be the official name. I have, however, found it on eBay listed under that name so that may be your best bet if you want this exact product.

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