ME, Myself and I: Organisation, Attempt 2


This is kind of going to be part one of two posts, I am going to do the goals update next week as this post has actually got longer than I meant it to with just the organisation section and I don’t want to just post a wall of text as I know how hard it can be to read it all when you don’t have much energy or concentration.

I remember this time last year I made a post about my FiloFax and my diary then as a sort of review but I don’t think I actually did much about how I use them so I thought I’d do a post on that as it’s the beginning of a new year and it’s a good time to start with these things. I guess any time is a good one to start on it but it makes me feel like it’s a new beginning.

I guess the closest thing I have to a New Year’s resolution is to be more organised, which is one that pops up every year, but I have my diary, my organiser and a plan on how I’m going to sort it all out rather than just making it up as I go along. I’ve got different stickers and washi tape as I’ve always loved looking at other people’s organisers in blogs that have them all colour themed and pretty, though so far mine’s not looking as nice as them it’s a start and it keeps me motivated to actually use it.

I always find that I start out with good intentions when it comes to organisation, I have my organiser and diary and for the first few months I am good at keeping them updated, putting in all my appointments and making notes and things, and then I sort of drop off ad stop writing things in. I do find that organisation and keeping a record of everything in advance helps me to manage my ME better so I really want to improve my organisation skills, or rather my recording things for organisation. If I know in advance that I have something coming up or what my blog posts are going to be then it means I can work out when I need to rest, when I can do things and I will hopefully end up with less days where I have to cancel at the last minute because I’ve underestimated how much energy the week takes.

I don’t know about you guys but I find that if I write things down then it helps me to remember them, whether it’s notes in school or a calendar. I also love bright colours so multi-coloured pens are always good, I find that if things stand out on the paper then they stand out in my mind and the longer I spend on presentation for something the more I remember it, which seems slightly odd as you’d think concentrating on something aside from the actual task would take concentration away from it.

I have found that breaking larger tasks and events into smaller tasks and things to do in the lead up to them helps quite a bit with pacing for my degree so I’m going to use that in everyday things now as well and see how that goes. I leave sticky notes around (mainly on my wardrobe) near the day when something is going to happen with lists on what I need to do beforehand, like a week before a meeting about self employment I’ll make a to do list of things I need to do and take like certain print outs or certain things I need to look up. These also really help when it comes to pacing as I can work out that I’m going to do a certain amount of things on each day and leave a day or two before it to rest which can be used if I have managed to get behind on one day. I have started to add these into my organiser as I have a lined paper pad thing at the back and it has the holes right for the organiser so I make a list on there and stick it in the week that I’m going to do it. Either that or writing each thing onto the day I’m going to do it helps, something I’m definitely going to work on this year.

In the past I have found that calendars are useful as then they’re up on the wall but I have the problem of ending up with April still showing in December because I’ve forgotten about it, I tend to find organisers work better for me. If you prefer calendars then you can always decorate them as well, as long as the actual boxes are free to write in, and I’ve found quite a few nice stickers in the past designed for calendars so they can be written on and have holes for the numbers to show through, for some reason they seem to be mainly from Japan and I found the Modes4u website had quite a few in past years.

My main way of organising things is normally my FiloFax, which I love and keep out on my desk, and I have a mini diary for in my bag. My FiloFax holds more detail than my diary as the diary is an A6 one that’s so small it fits easily in any bag and the Paperchase ones have enough room to fit a few things in each day as long as it’s pretty brief. I tend to use this for keeping a track of appointments, holidays and things I’m doing so I can refer back to it when I’m out and want to book something in advance. The only problem with these diaries I’ve found is they are so small that if I change my bag and I forget which one it’s in or I take it out of one bag and put it on the side to move it then it gets forgotten and drops down the back. This year’s is bright turquoise so it should stand out if it gets put somewhere.

To make my FiloFax prettier I’ve bought stickers and tape, though I don’t think I have enough to have much variety and you can never have too many stickers and stationery things. I think to help my organisation I’m putting aside one day a month to make it look better, either that or it may become once every two weeks to spend less energy each time but I think that way it’ll remind me to do things with it. I’m also planning on comparing the organiser and the mini diary to keep it all updated. I’m not sure that I have anything else to say about this, I don’t have any tips on how to use it more, do you guys find there’s a way for you to remember to use an organiser more?

For the blog I will finally have a schedule, though I have kind of been working to it for the past few months apart from December when it all kind of ended up being Advent based more than regular blogging. I plan on doing beauty things on Monday and Friday, other stuff like crafty bits or figures or games on Tuesday, Wednesday is ME, Myself and I and Thursday will be book reviews. To be more organised about this I am writing everything down in my organiser, I have the bottom line for each day with Blog: whatever it’s about so I shouldn’t run out of things to write about. I also have a list of ideas and backups for days when I can’t think of anything or lower energy posts. I’m hoping to spend a day when I have more energy writing a lot of posts I can keep in drafts and then I shouldn’t have to miss a day because I’m not feeling good enough to write a post, I can just have a look in there and pick something to publish that fits the schedule. I also have some longer term goals for the blog but I’ll post about them next week as this is getting rather long.

I realise this got a bit longer than I meant it to so my goals are going to be next week, some of them are updating my last post and others are new for this year and longer term. I’m not sure how much this will help anyone and I realise I may be repeating what I’ve said in other posts, I can’t remember doing one on how I organise things in general but it may have appeared somewhere else. I tend to find that organisation does help me a lot with ME, especially on days when my brain is a bit foggy and I forget things I can write things down if I have a planner and I’ll remember them later or it reminds me what I’m meant to be doing and keeps me on task if it’s something I can still do with lower concentration.

Do you guys have any life organisation tips? I’m sure there are better ways of organising things than mine which ends up getting a bit messy and jumbled at times but I’m trying to improve that. I hope you’re all as well as possible and have been enjoying the winter weather, it’s finally snowed here the other day and it was so pretty to look out at. I didn’t make a snowman which I kind of regret now but it was probably for the best as I’m still recovering from Christmas a bit.


2 thoughts on “ME, Myself and I: Organisation, Attempt 2

    1. Thanks 🙂 Hehe, sounds like me, I’ve bought a load in the past and not had anything to do with them. There’s a lot of good organiser and planner things out there now there are almost too many to choose from.


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