First Impressions: Skin Food Snoopy Nails and Body Cream


I’m not sure when these were released but I saw some posts on blogs about some Snoopy products being released by the South Korean beauty brand Skin Food. I love Snoopy, I’ve got a load of the old books from when my dad was little that I’ve grown up reading so I had to get some of these. There’s a range with nail varnishes, nail transfers, hand and body creams and some honey liquid things that I don’t really know what they do. I managed to keep it down to only five things though I could have bought everything. I ended up buying from a shop on eBay so that’s probably your best bet for finding them if you’re outside South Korea. I could do a review of the store if you want as well, I might as they were really good and I got quite a few free samples along with my order.

The products I decided to get were the two nail varnish glitter coats, I think they’re Cutie Snoopy and Excited Snoopy and they have a nice range of sizes and colours of glitter in them, both of the kinds of nail transfers and the Honey and Shea Butter whipped body cream. I’ve had a bit if a play around with the nail varnishes and the body butter so I have some idea of what they’re like but haven’t used the nail transfers yet.

There are five nail varnishes in the collection, I nearly bought all of them but realised I do have dupes of the plain colours as they’re grey, yellow and pink but I didn’t have any glitter finishes like the two I got. The bottles themselves are a nice design, they’re fairly small and I think they’d probably hold the same amount of product as the normal sized l’oreal ones, a smaller nail varnish bottle. The glass bottles each have a different Snoopy design on them though they don’t stand out as much on these glitter nail varnishes. The brush handles and lids are nice and long and really easy to control so they seem like they’d be easy to use as either an all over nail look or just the tips.

Cutie Snoopy is all reds and whites, it has a combination of red and white hearts along with big white squares and smaller red and white squares. The red is slightly transparent with a slight sheen and the white is just plain opaque so it’ll be a nice contrast on darker colours. I really liked the look of this on grey as it has it in some of the advertising as both the red and white stand out.  I wish this one applied better, it’s so hard to get any of the particles on the brush even with some digging around to get them but when they’re in the brush they’re easy to apply. I think when the bottle gets emptier and there less clear base then it’ll be a lot easier to use as that’s what’s making it harder at the moment.

Excited Snoopy was the one that stood out more to me, it’s got black hearts, small white hexagon, medium sized red hexagons and small holographic squares. Apart from the holographic pieces the others a all opaque and flat colours which makes them stand out more. The look is very striking and I love the combination, it kind of reminds me of a deck of cards or casino look for some reason. This one is pretty easy to get the particles out though I found the hearts hard to get out. It’s also pretty easy to spread but there is still an element of picking the pieces out and placing them.


The nail transfers look as good as I was hoping. They’re easy to apply, at least they should be, and there’s no need for water which is what made me want them along with the Snoopy theme. I like transfers that you just apply like stickers, though you do have to cut these out to use them. I don’t think that these have names apart from versions 1 and 2 and it seemed to depend on which eBay store I went on as to which was which. They both have different designs and some of them on each are quite seasonal like a snowman or seashells though the coloured ones have more seasonal characters like Woodstock in a hat or Snoopy with a candy cane on his bowl. Either way I’m looking forward to trying these and will do a proper review when I have tried them.

The Honey and Shea butter Whipped Body Cream smells really nice, it’s like the standard shea butter scent like you get from L’occitane or The Body Shop but a but more subtle with a hint of sweetness. That’s one thing about a lot of the Shea Butter scents out there, they seem to linger a lot and this one doesn’t so much which is good for me, maybe not if you want to use it as a scent. The consistency of the product is amazing, it’s hard in the pot but feels smooth and buttery as soon as you apply it to your skin and it leaves my skin feeling soft and silky smooth and within seconds it has sunk in. I will be honest and say the main reason I bought this was the pot itself, I love the Snoopy design around the outside and have plans for keeping things in it when it’s finished. However the product inside was a really nice surprise, it’s one I think is in the permanent line, just without the Snoopy pot, so I’d definitely consider getting the normal version when I next want to make a South Korean beauty order somewhere. Even if it hadn’t been amazing I would have used it as I can never have too many body butters as my skin seems to eat them but it’s definitely worth the price I paid, this 300ml tub was cheaper than some smaller pots I’ve bought before.

Overall I’m very happy with these things, I’m definitely going to consider this brand in the future especially the body cream as that is amazing and my skin seems to really get on with it. I’ve also found I don’t have to use more than one application of this in the day rather than the two or three times with some moisturisers. I haven’t tried anything from Skin Food before, are the any things you’ve tried that you would recommend from them?

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