Book Review: Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta

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Title: Animal Kingdom a colouring book adventure

Author: Millie Marotta

Year written: 2014

Publisher and year: Batsford, 2014

ISBN Number: 9781849941679

I got this book for Christmas and have been colouring it in since so thought I’d do it as one of my book reviews. I wasn’t planning on reviewing many of my Christmas presents as it seems a bit odd sometimes to review something you’ve been given but as I know a lot of people like these colouring in books I thought I’d share what I think so far. When I first saw these adult colouring books I wasn’t sure if I’d like them since I’ve not been a fan of colouring but it’s surprisingly relaxing and fun when it’s these designs with smaller patterns inside a bigger image.

This books is by Millie Marotta who has a range of books out, I think they’re all based around animals and the natural world and they have a range of pictures and repeating patterns to colour in which have smaller designs inside them. This one is based on images of the animal kingdom, as the name suggests, and there’s a range of pictures from underwater and land animals. Some of them are full images like trees with birds or a page with leaves and insects and others have an animal in the middle with empty space around.

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