Boxing Day Sales: Lush

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Another post with some things I got in the Boxing Day sales, this time from Lush. I spent a while on the website on Boxing Day itself and it kept crashing, it was so hard to use I gave up on getting anything, I don’t know why they can’t get that fixed as it happens every year. The next day the sets I wanted were still available at half price so I ended up getting four of the Christmas sets. Unfortunately almost everything I’m posting about is no longer available but they may be in some of the remaining sets, a few are permanent products or have another product in the same scent.

I normally get one of the bigger hat box sets in the sale but as none of us were going into the nearest city with one for a while I thought I’d buy something online. Three of the sets I have were in reusable boxes or tins, I find that I get quite a bit of use out of the boxes and it adds value to the set if I get one of them rather than one that’s wrapped like a normal present. The two sets, Merry Christmas and Snow Fairy’s Castle, that come in a box with a lid are both designs that could be used all year round, there’s boing too Christmassy on them. I’ll be keeping the metal ball that Winter Garden comes in and the paper and ribbons used in Home For Christmas are so nice I’m keeping them to use next year. I did buy the sets for the contents not the containers, I had planned on buying some snow fairy, rose jam and a golden wonder in the sale but they weren’t there when I finally managed to make an order so I went for the sets.

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Merry Christmas (L-R): Cinders (front), Golden Wonder (back), Peeping Santa, Lord of Misrule and Dashing Santa

I chose Merry Christmas as it has some old favourites I haven’t used in a while, some are recurring products each Christmas like Golden Wonder and Cinders. All five of these are bath products, there are four ballistics and one bubbleroon which is a solid bubble bath.

Golden Wonder is a favourite of mine, it has the same scent as celebrate and snow showers and it’s a light Buck’s Fizz scent, slightly citrus with a fizzy sweet scent mixed in that makes it a more relaxing smell. It’s a very pretty one in the bath, there are coloured balls in the middle that make the water bright colours (I’m not sure if they’re all the same, one year they weren’t) and the good lustre on the outside gives the water a sparkly sheen without making you sparkly having a bath in it. There’s also dissolvable stars in it that float around on the surface before separating.

Cinders has popping candy in it so it’s a nice effect though you do have to use it quickly to get the effect, a few weeks later and they just sink or at least that’s my experience. It’s a warm, comforting smell, slightly spicy and sweet that works well as a winter warming up bath. The colour the water goes is a bit odd, being bright yellow, but it’s a nice ballistic.

Dashing Santa is a reshape of an old ballistic, satsumo Santa, at least that’s how I understand it. This one isn’t very strongly scented hut in the past it’s been really nice. It’s a sweet satsuma scent, it’s citrus but not too strong or sharp and quite a subtle and relaxing smell for a bath.

Lord of Misrule has been released the past few years and there is a permanent shower cream in this scent available exclusively at the Oxford Street store as well as being a limited edition Halloween product. It’s a nice winter scent, it’s peppery and slightly earthy and reminds me a lot of the Paul Smith perfume Extreme is you’ve ever smelled that. It’s blue and green in the water and it’s normally more pigmented than this is, it’s a bit pale compared to past ones I’ve had.

Peeping Santa bubbleroon is the only foaming product in this gift set and is a similar ale to the permanent bubbleroon range with two solid bubble bars holding a creamier middle, this time in the shape of Santa with eyes. The scent is nice, it reminds me of the magic mushroom bubble bar that has been released the past few years at Easter. It’s a slightly strawberry-ish scent, a sweet fruity and cream smell though it’s pretty subtle and has been overpowered by some of the other products in the set so I’ll have to see what I think when it’s been kept separate. Unfortunately I tend to have a reaction to the mushrooms so I’ll have to give this a try before I have a bath in it.

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Winter Garden (L-R): Love and Light Hand Cream, Rose Jam shower gel and Respect Your Elders soap

Winter Garden wasn’t one that really attracted me with it’s packaging, though now I have it it is a nice bauble shaped container. The two halves click together easily and hold together with a string at the top so if you have a big enough tree it could be hung up, though it would need to be a big one for this. I’m planning on keeping Christmas decorations in it throughout the year and see what I do with it next year.

Love and Light hand cream is a permanent product, it costs £7.95 for a 100g pot, and it’s nice to have a hand cream in a gift set. Spathe scent is pretty strong, it’s a lot like the orange blossom range to me and is a floral and citrus scent. It’s a thick hand cream and you don’t need much to cover your hands, unfortunately I do find that it seems to sit on my skin rather than soaking in straight away though it works well in the evening as it doesn’t matter if my hands are greasy when I go to bed and it gives it a chance to soak in fully. The scent lingers for a while and is strong enough it could clash with perfume but it dulls down about an hour in.

Rose Jam shower gel is one of my favourites, I think I posted about it in my blog post for the Halloween and Christmas order I did. It’s a nice thick shower gel that lathers well and the scent lingers for a while after you use it, though it’s fairly subtle if you don’t wear perfume or scented products you can still smell it an hour or two later. It’s a very sweet rose scent as the name suggests and not a fake rose smell, it really reminds me of some of the roses we have in the garden so it’s closer to a real rose but with added sweetness.

Respect Your Elders is another permanent product in this set, it’s a soap that you can buy at any size in stores and online there’s a range of sizes available, 100g costs £3.50 so it’s fairly standard for a Lush soap price wise. The scent is really nice, it reminds me of a soap they did a while ago that was pink with other soap chunk colours in it and juniper berries. I don’t know what elder berries smell of but this smells of juniper berries and blackberries to me. It’s not the best lather wise, it takes a shower puff for bubbles as just using it on my hands didn’t make any. It isn’t too drying, it doesn’t moisturise my skin but doesn’t dry it out either. The scent and the fact that lather doesn’t bother me makes this a good soap to me, I might get it in the future.

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Home For Christmas (L-R): Dream Cream, Rose Jam shower gel and Old Father Time soap

The main reason I got Home For Christmas is the Rose Jam shower gel and the Dream Cream, I love the product but always want a smaller size than the 240g pot they normally sell it in. I didn’t realise they did small tubs of dream cream, they must have done it recently as I found a 100g pot on the website.

Rose Jam shower gel is also in this set, it’s a scent that’s available in a bubbleroon permanently so if you like the sound of it in a bath product then they cost £3.75.

Dream Cream is a really nice moisturiser, I’ve been using it for years and it’s great for if I have a reaction to something or as after sun. It’s very soothing though it’s a scent that most people have to get used to, a lot of people say they mainly smell lavender but I think I mainly get the calamine scent. It’s available as a permanent product, it’s available in 100g pots for £6.25 which is more reasonable than having to buy the big 240g pot. I’ve only tried the original but a self preserving version is also available.

Old Father Time soap is a bit of an odd one to me. I love the look of it, it’s so pretty as a full wheel with a dark brown base and gold, copper and blue cogs and a Father Time image on one side. The piece. Have doesn’t have much of the cogs in it but you can see the edge of one in the photo. I had a sample of this in use previous order I did last year and I liked it but this one seems to smell odd. All I can really smell in this is a weird mushroom sort of scent, I think one of the main scents is the base itself. I haven’t used it yet properly, it lathers a bit when you use it on your hands but the scent does seem to change to a slightly more herby scent. I’ll just have to give it more of a go but I can see this one going to someone else.

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Snow Fairy’s Castle (L-R): Snow Fairy self preserving shower gel, So White ballistic, Fairy Dust dusting powder and Fairy Wand (front)

Snow Fairy seems to be one of those scents you either love it or hate it, I’m in the love it side. I’m not always a fan of overly sweet scents unless there’s some fruity element to it but this is one that I like for no real reason. Everything is a bright pink and I think if pink had a small it would be Snow Fairy. It’s got a bubblegum, pink sweets and slightly berryish scent and reminds me of the old calpol that used to be bright pink for some reason. This set is mainly Snow Fairy scented with added apple in So White.

Fairy Dust is not something I would have bought outside of a set, it’s a dusting powder which is like a talcum powder that adds scent and, in this case, sparkle. It’s so sparkly I’m not sure I’ll use it, as soon as I opened it I got a puff of glitter that went everywhere. The scent is really nice so I may be tempted to use it on my body under my clothes as I don’t like the sparkly look, maybe put it in a bag if I can find one fine enough and use it as a room scenting thing. Not one I’d put in my sheets or clothes like I have in the past with dusting powders I’ve not used.

Snow Fairy – self preserving shower gel, is a really nice thick shower gel. It’s has the snow fairy scent and lathers fairly well when you use a shower puff. It’s not particularly moisturising but doesn’t dry my skin out either, though the scent doesn’t really linger so I can see why you’d want something to layer with it if you want to smell like this after the shower too. I haven’t tried the self preserving one before so I’ll have to see how well it lasts, the normal one has lasted me throughout the year to the next Christmas in the past.

Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bar in the Snow Fairy scent. Like the normal bubble bars you hold it under running water and there’s bubbles, though this one can be reused for multiple baths. In the past I’ve had these last six or seven, the snow fairy reusable one seems to work better than other reusable ones they’ve released.

So White is a ballistic with a layer inside that makes a slightly foamy layer on top of the bath. A lot of people seem to have had problems with the ingredients causing rashes but I’ve never found that with all the versions of this I’ve tried. I think this is bigger than previous years, it’s been a lot smaller when I’ve bought it before. The scent is fresh apples, proper apples rather than the fake kind, and the scent lasts well as it smells upstairs the day after I used it.

Overall I’m happy with everything I got, though the soaps are very soft and almost feel too fresh so I’ll be keeping an eye on them so see that they don’t shrink. The Old Father Time soap was a bit disappointing but I’ll give it a few more goes to see what it’s like. If there hadn’t been the half price sale I wouldn’t have spent as much, I’d probably only have some rose jam, snow fairy and a golden wonder. I’ll be using everything I have, even if I am going to have to think of a way to use the fairy dust.

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