Boxing Day Sales: Boots and Holland and Barrett

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I made a few orders in the Boxing Day sales, though only my Paperchase one was actually on Boxing Day and that’s one of the ones that hasn’t got here yet. The two I’m posting about today are the things I bought online from Boots and from. Holland and Barrett. One of the Boots things was a Star Buy, the Champney’s hand spa manicure set was £28 instead of £65 which seemed a good offer and the No7 Beauty Organiser was half price and actually ended up cheaper than the four brushes I wanted to get from them which were all in the set so that was a nice surprise. Holland and Barrett had their normal buy one get one for 1p sale that seems to be on half of the year but they had Dr Organics sets in there including the Snail Gel one which has intrigued me for a while, I chose the Rose set as well as it had a face mask and scrub in it, plus it was one of the only other things in the offer I wanted and at 1p it’s not bad.

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The Holland and Barrett sets are both from Dr Organics, the Snail Gel Skin Perfection Gift Set costs £40 and the Rose Perfect Complexion Gift Set costs £25, though in the offer altogether it was £40.01 so it’s pretty much buy one get one free. Both of these sets are still available and in the offer, I think that Dr Organics are exclusive to Holland and Barrett, at least in the UK.

The Snail Gel Skin Perfection set comes with a Hand & Nail Elixir (£14.99), Facial Serum (£17.99) and original Snail Gel (£19.99) which would cost £52.97 if bought separately so if you want all three it’s a good price even not in the offer. I’ve wanted to try a snail gel based product for a while, since seeing them in Korean beauty hauls on YouTube, but was always a bit worried about the way they’d get the gel from the snails. Dr Organics snail gel is harvested by having the snails roam free (I guess within a large area) and there are glass panels around that they go over, this is then collected and used rather than harming the snail. I know that Dr Organics are a cruelty free company so I do trust them when it comes to this. Another worry I had, tis was after already buying it though, was when I realised I didn’t know what it would smell of, but these are actually pretty nicely scented as they include lemongrass and lime oil in the ingredients so you get a light citrus scent. There is a hint of something earthy but it’s not very strong at all and it’s mainly the original gel that has it which can be used on your face or body. The scent doesn’t last too long on your face which is good and the hand elixir has a stronger scent that lingers a bit more. I haven’t really tried these apart from of the back of my hand so I’ll do a proper review when I have but so far they seem good, my skin felt nice and soft and they sank in really quickly without leaving me feeling greasy.

The Rose Perfect Complexion set is the largest of the Rose Otto sets and includes Rose Otto Face Mask (£7.49) Rose Otto Face Scrub (£7.49) and the Rose Otto Facial Serum (£12.99) which would come to £27.97 separately, so this is less of a saving than the snail gel set but still you save a bit. These are all fairly heavily rose scented, before I opened the box the set came in I could smell it so if you don’t like rose scents this is definitely not one for you. Again I haven’t had a proper go with these so this is just first impressions but the serum and scrub left my hand feeling nice, I haven’t tried the mask yet. The mask and scrub have a more subtle rose scent that doesn’t linger so much but the serum is pretty strong scented and the smell was still there half an hour later. I liked the way it made my skin feel but the scent may be slightly overpowering on my face, I’ll have to see when I try it properly.

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It is so reflective, plus the light at the moment isn’t the best so sorry the rest is a bit dark here

Before Christmas I was tempted to put the No7 Beauty Organiser on my Christmas list but didn’t as it seemed a bit expensive for what it was. However afterwards in the sale I was going to get some No7 brushes as I got one in a free set for Christmas and it was so soft and I need some replacements for my elf ones that I still end up using as I don’t have that many brushes. I ended up finding four I wanted (well, 3 but I included a lip one as it was buy one get one half price) and they came to £33 I think. Then I saw this in the sale and all four are in there along with other things for £32.50 at half price, I thought even if I don’t like the other things that much I’m pretty much getting them free along with a nice organiser.

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The organiser itself is larger than I expected, I included my hand in the photo for scale because it doesn’t seem so large with the products next to it for some reason. I do like it, it has a nice space for brushes inside on the left including larger and smaller spaces, 2 large and 3 small, and the right has a a magnetic panel that two makeup bags stick to which holds them pretty well, everything in this set fitted in one and it didn’t drop off when I shook it. I think it’s designed for travel as it would protect everything pretty well but it’s so much bigger than anything I take at the moment so it will either stay at home or I’ll see if anyone else would like it. The bags are a good size though so they may get used even if the rest of the organiser isn’t.

The brushes included I am definitely going to review as they’re full size and in the permanent line plus, if you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know about my weakness for trying new brushes. There is a powder brush, foundation brush  eye colour brush, smudger double ended brush and a retractable lip brush. I love how soft the brushes are but I’ll give them a proper try and then review them. They’re all full sized brushes and the handle is a nice matte black, it feels very smooth and the size makes them easy to control and use.

There are also six single eyeshadows from various quads and trios, I don’t have the names for them as they aren’t labelled but the official description says they are shades taken from Forest Fruits Trio, Green Glades Trio, Golden Trio and Night Shadows Quad. There are three more purple based colours and three that includes greys and more smokey colours. The set also contains a Natural Blush Tint Powder in Soft Damson, a Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes Pencil in black, a mini Intense Volume Mascara in black and a small Limited Edition Lip Gloss. The blush is a nice neutral pink, maybe on the cool side, which blends out really well. The lip gloss is a squeeze tube with an angled end but it’s just plastic rather than there being a separate applicator. Both the mascara and eyeliner seem nice and pigmented as black products, the eyeliner is pigmented, soft enough to be easy to use and seems to stay pretty well. I think I’ll be reviewing them as well in the future when I’ve had a proper try.

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The Champneys Luxury Manicure set was a Star Buy and on sale at £28 when I bought it though it’s still available back at full price and costs £65. I don’t think I would have bought it at full price, though now it’s arrived it seems like it might have been worth the cost anyway as I’m impressed with it going by first impressions. When the box arrived it seemed big but having got it out it was smaller than I expected, the OPI nail varnish is there to show scale as it still looks quite big in photos. I can see it being fairly easy to have sitting out on my side, or maybe in a cupboard, but it won’t take up a large amount of room either way and the lid on top of the different heads will keep them dust free or protected from other things in a cupboard from damaging them, especially the more delicate ones. It is powered by mains electricity and comes with a plug, you can see where the plug goes on the side next to the nail dryer power button.

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The main thing I bought it for is the electronic tool that you add different heads on to file and buff your nails, there are different heads for different jobs so I’ll be looking into what each one does. It did say in the description that it’s good for pedicures as well and mentions ingrown nails which I have had a problem with in the past so I’ll be trying it for everything. It also has a nail drying function on the front with a little fan which I’m not sure how much I’ll use as I tend to go for gel varnishes but I will use it if I go for normal ones.

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There is a hand spa at the back with what looks like little jets that will either circulate water to make bubbles, I’ll have to look into it some more, but I think I’ll be using this a lot to prepare my nails, or just as a bit of a pampering thing. I have had a foot spa from Champneys which has lasted me years so I am hoping this one has the same long life, my foot one doesn’t look great now but it’s survived bubbles and bits in bath bombs so I am hoping that the hand spa bit of this will keep working when I’m more careful with it.

I am definitely looking forward to giving this a proper try, seeing what each of the heads does and how well the spa bit works. My nails are actually long enough and I am going to be using my gel varnishes soon so I’ll have a go at shaping and buffing my nails properly before I do it, I’ll see if it helps the varnish stick as well. I think this may be a fairly new model as the main one I could find reviews on seemed to come in a case rather than this stand thing so I’ll be reviewing it when I’ve seen what it can do.

These Christmas and sale posts are a bit backwards but I really want to play with one of these and review them so I’m doing this post first, tomorrow will be a what I got for Christmas and then the rest of the week will probably be either more sales things (I might have bought more than I meant to in them) or favourites posts. Next week it’ll be back to a more normal posting schedule, at least that’s the plan. I had been waiting to do all my sales things in one post but the Lush and Paperchase things haven’t got here yet and I realised I actually have enough in my two other sales orders to make up a post without it getting really long. Also sorry for the poor photo quality, I am still using my iPad as my camera battery died on Christmas Day, I’m sure my camera broke around this time of year last year as well.

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