Merry Christmas!

Or whatever festival you celebrate, or if you don’t celebrate anything then I hope you have a happy December. I’m surprised it’s only the last few days here it’s been cold enough to feel like winter, hopefully the weather wherever you are is ok and anyone with bad weather stays safe.

A bit of a different post for me but I’ve been doing festive things all today and seen all these posts up so thought I’d do some photos of our decorations, they’re just phone photos so I hope they’re good enough quality. šŸ™‚ it feels like this is the first time in a couple of months that I’m actually having the time and energy to read blogs, my body has not been cooperating recently so sorry I’ve sort of lost contact with anyone.

That’s one thing I love about Christmas, talking to people you don’t contact often, getting cards and catching up whether it’s friends or family, real life contacts or online. So I hope you’re all having a good festive season and managing to relax a bit.







Merry Christmas everyone, have a good time the rest if 2015!

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