Advent 2015: Day 24 (Christmas Eve!)

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Today’s advent calendars have very red products with a Morgan Taylor nail varnish in pretty a Woman which is a nice classic creme finish red that is a great colour for around Christmas. I like wearing red creme finish varnishes with a bit of glitter on the tips of my nails, especially one with bits of white alongside holographic glitters as a sort of snow effect. The candle in the Yankee Candle advent calendar is a votive, a larger candle that needs to be out into a votive holder or glass as it doesn’t have a plastic or glass container as part of the candle like their others do. This is in a new scent as well, a very appropriate Christmas Eve which is supposed to be a fruity one and I think I get that, it’s not overly Christmassy so might work the rest of the year too.

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The Taylor Morgan nail varnishes are available in a range of colours for £15 on the Marks and Spencer website but this, Pretty Women, is a nice creme red. It’s a classic colour that I like around Christmas but find I don’t tend to wear the rest of the year. Unfortunately I already have a couple of red creme finishes which I like from brands I know work for me, I have done swatches of OPI Coca-Cola Red and Ciaté Boudoir for comparison. It’s a nice looking red and is probably in the middle when it comes to consistency and thickness, it’s probably one I’d think needs three coats to be completely matte but it seems to spread well and evenly. I have gel nail varnish in at the moment so I haven’t properly tried it but I’m torn between keeping it and trying it or seeing if mum wants it as I know she likes red this time of year too but I think she bought her own recently. This may end up sitting in my nail varnish collection but I will probably try it just to see what the quality of nail varnish is, it’s a fairly expensive brand at £15 but it’s a nice brush that covers well and I think two strokes with it would cover my nails and if it sticks then it can be a treat nail varnish if they do a really nice colour, with a range of 50 there’s probably something I’ll want if I have a look at all of them.

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Unfortunately I don’t have a votive holder for the Christmas Eve candle but I put it in an old glass that had a canlde in it to burn it for a bit and see how the scent changes, I think I’ll get a proper one soon as I do like these size candles and they still have 16 hours burning time according to the Yankee Candle website without taking up a lot of room and the holder can match your room. There’s still a range of the Christmas Eve scented products available on the Yankee website and these votives cost £1.80, though it’s in a sale at 90p online at the moment.

I do like this scent, it’s not an overly Christmas one and is described as being festive fruits and sugar plums which sounds very nice to me. I don’t get any specific fruit in it, I’d say there’s probably winter berries, maybe some apple and then just general winter fruits without any spice. It’s not overly sweet which is nice, and a bit of a surprise given the sugar plums in the description, and has a bit if a tart note in it somewhere to me. It’s not an overpowering scent either, it’s strong enough to fill a room but it could be a background smell and isn’t as in your face as a few if the scents I’ve got in the advent calendar. This is definitely one I’ll be burning the whole thing and it doesn’t necessarily have to be at Christmas, I’ll see when I get a holder.

I think I’ll do a round up of the advent calendar contents with links to these posts and a more in depth review of the ones in the Marks and Spencer calendar as I’ll have had a better chance to really try them. I’ve been very impressed with both, I’ll definitely be getting the M&S one if they do it next year as it’s been really good and I might get a Yankee one too as I’ve really enjoyed having a tea light to burn each day as then you have a good amount for the day and you get a nice range of scents without having a Christmas scented candle half burnt at the end of the season that isn’t likely to be used until next year again.

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