ME, Myself and I: Home Haircuts

I’ve never been someone who gets a haircut for Christmas, I do know a lot of people do but I’ve just always had whatever my hair was and it tends to look rather untamed as we start opening presents and the photos start early when we’re still in our pyjamas. Maybe this year we will be a bit slower in getting them open but I decided to go for a short haircut and it’ll be so much easier to look after.

I’m also not someone who particularly enjoys going to the hairdressers, I don’t mind it but it takes so much energy and I end up feeling dizzy and exhausted which doesn’t exactly make it a fun experience no matter how nice the stylist is. A few years ago I tried this method of cutting my own hair, well mum often does the actual cutting, where you tie it in pony tails on various points on your head and it gives different effects and I really liked the way it looked with my hair.

I’ll talk about the way I cut my own hair in a bit but one thing I hadn’t considered until recently was to get a hairdresser out to see me. I know my grandparents have a woman who does their hair and does it really well but it had never crossed my mind for some reason. I’ve since seen a few adverts in a local advertising magazine but I’m never sure how you’d pick one. If you’re considering it, or have done it in the past, is there something you look out for? I know recommendations from friends is a good thing to use but I don’t know anyone in the area who does and most don’t have a website with review on.

Another option that may be possible, I’m not sure how many do this as I haven’t looked into it in the past, is to have your normal hairdresser come out to cut your hair if it’s someone you know or even if it isn’t it doesn’t hurt to ask. My hairdresser, well he cut my hair a few times four or five years ago, also does mum’s hair and does hers more often so she asked about it and he said he was happy to come out and do my hair for me. I’d wash it first and I’d be sat in my own kitchen while he cut and styled it so I think it’d be a lot less stress and energy sucking if I did this. I was planning on doing this but left it too late as I was undecided on whether to grow my hair long or cut it short but a recent family get together convinced me to get it cut short again and by then it was too late to book one.

I’m fairly easy when it comes to my hair, if it goes wrong I’ll just cut it shorter or live with it for a few weeks and then go to the hairdressers if I really need to. As my hair is so thick it never turns out how you expect at the hairdressers, I think I’ve only ever been to one who knew how to actually finish my hair without it going either very spiky or a bit of a puff ball so I normally restyle it and wash it when I get home anyway. Having my hair cut at home means I don’t have to restyle it as it’s still styled the same way as before you cut it, I find straightening works well before cutting it to get a more precise line, and there’s no washing it before it gets cut. This method takes minutes, we did my hair from shoulder length to a pixie cut (kind of) in less than five minutes, rather than the hour it often takes in a salon so I’m definitely sticking with this method, at least for now.

Sorry there’s no photos, I did try to get some but the quality on my iPad is either rubbish on the front camera or I managed to miss with the back camera. I’ll do an updated post with photos I take with my camera when I get Photoshop up and running if you want to see what it actually looks like. I do, however, have a photo from the last short hair cutting on my Instagram so have a link: (for some reason it’s not working when I try to save it and reupload it so just more text rather than a picture for now). My hair is unstyled and still slightly all over the place but it shows the shorter style.

Before I start I’m just saying how I cut my hair, I’m not saying you should try it, it’s just a method that I’ve found that works. If you are ok with experimenting with your hair or want a bit of a trim and not much off this may be a method to consider as it’s quick and simple though it can be a bit messy so it’s best to either do it outside or to have a towel underneath you that can be bundled up and shaken outside.

Another thing, this doesn’t take anything all that special to do equipment wise. The first year I cut my hair we just used normal scissors, though they were a bit blunt for my hair as it’s so thick. As we found I was cutting my hair a lot mum and dad bought me some hairdressing scissors for Christmas one year and I will say they’re better than the normal ones but probably not worth it if you’re just trying it out. Other than that it’s just normal hair ties, a mirror to hold and see what you’re doing, possibly a second one if you’re cutting the back for length and any clips you want to tie up bits you’re not planning on cutting. I think everything I use apart from the scissors I had before I started cutting my own hair.

I find the best way to start is with the layers as it means any later cuts are going through less hair. To get the layers you have to tie the ponytail on the top of your head, go where your hair naturally parts as that’s where most hairdressers have cut layers from for me, if you want it slightly to one side then move it around a bit. I normally then tie a second hair band on the bit of hair that will be cut off, it just makes less of a mess that way. If you have long hair then start by cutting off less, you can always redo it later and get more off. Also remember that where you are cutting is going to be the length of the shortest layer, I think the shortest I’ve gone is about two inches and then it’s really short on top and hard to straighten for my hair without it sticking out to start with! Tying the ponytails can make your arms ache and I normally find that someone else doing it, especially on the top of my head, makes it more precise and all of the hair is definitely in.

The length at the back is fairly easy, you tie a normal ponytail as low on your head as you can, then do a second one longer than you want it cut. This stage is easier to judge I find than on the front as you can see the length, also a second mirror helps here like in the hairdressers’ where you can see exactly what’s getting cut off. If I cut it short I also find that I have to even out the sides a bit, they tend to be quite a bit longer at the point on either side of my neck.

I’ve only done the fringe bit successfully once or twice, I’ve had a few failures that have ended up with lots of bobby pins and various hair clips till it’s grown longer so I may not be the best person to take advice from. This is another time where cutting it longer than you expect is a good idea, something I didn’t do on the failed attempts. To get an asymmetrical fringe then tie a ponytail to the far side where you want the shorter hair and cut from there, it also might be a good idea to cut it at an angle to make sure you have a big difference between the two.

I’ve only cut it really short twice, the last two haircuts have been the ‘pixie’ style I guess, though I have left the fringe longer this time. I found that tying ponytails on either side, just above my ears, and tying up any bits you don’t want included (I used a hair clip to hold up the longer fringe bit) gives quite a good result, though it’s very hard to get them even so someone else’s help is probably needed if you do this.

This is just how I cut my hair, I’m sure there are other good methods out there but I know I wouldn’t have thought about trying it until I saw it on a forum so thought I’d post about it in here. Have you guys got any tips or methods for cutting your own hair? I’m always open to trying new things and some new hairstyles might be fun to give a go.

I hope you’re all enjoying this festive season and now it’s finally starting to feel like winter, at least nearly as it’s in the single digits rather than being 11 degrees centigrade, that just felt wrong in December!


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