Advent 2015: Day 23

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Today is another great day in the Marks and Spencer advent calendar with a full sized Stila Lip Glaze in Sugar Plum. I can’t find this exact shade on the Marks and Spencer website so I think it may be a limited edition Christmas colour though I don’t think it’s an exclusive in the calendar. I’ve never tried a Stila Lip Glaze before but I’ve heard a lot about them, unfortunately after trying it it seems to have gone missing so I’m going to have to see if someone else picked it up, I’ve still used it a couple of times so I have a good idea of what it’ll be like. The Yankee Candle tea light today is a Snowflake Cookie one which is one for you if you like your sweet bakery scents. This is the last of the tea lights, tomorrow is a larger votive in a new scent so I’m excited to see what that one is like.

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I’ve had a bit if a search in the Marks and Spencer website and can’t find this exact colour, the shade Sugar Plum in the Stile Lip Glaze isn’t available but there are a range if others and they all cost £15 here. This is one of the Stila products I’ve most wanted to try having heard so many reviews on them but this may not have been the best shade to get as a first one. I think they’re meant to be fairly pigmented but this is a safe nude shade that just adds a hint if colour to my lips. It’s probably so everyone can wear it no matter what your skin tone as my skin is pale and I don’t think my lips are that pigmented and this just added a hint of an orange or coral based colour that made my lips a slightly darker, cooler version of their normal colour. It’s a gloss and definitely a very sticky one, I’ve had it on for an hour and a half and there’s still the remnants of the sticky feeling you sometimes get with glosses. If you don’t like to feel like you have product on your lips this probably isn’t one for you, I don’t mind it as I’ve gone for glosses over lipsticks in the last so I’m used to it. I’d say it’s nice but not great, I would be tempted to try a darker shade to see whether the pigmentation is better when it’s a darker colour but I’m not rushing off to buy it.

The pen applicator itself I do love, it’s one if those that you twist the bottom for the product to get pushed through the brush and it takes quite a few full turns before it comes out but you do get some warning when it’s about to push the product through the brush as it gets harder to twist and you can see it if you look down the brush. Once it’s started to come through it’s very easy to use, it does take a few swipes on the back of your hand to get the product to cover the brush rather than just coming out through gaps in the bristles but once you’ve done that it has great coverage and is so easy to use. Also, as it’s a twist rather than a button press on the end, I trust this not to start trying to push the gloss through when it’s in my bag. The lid clicks on well and I like that you can see the shade and how much is left through the sides.

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The Yankee tea light is Snowflake Cookie which is definitely my least favourite of the bunch in the advent calendar. I’m not a huge fan of bakery scents or overly sweet vanillas though I do like sugary scents when there’s something else with them. This scent is pure sugar with a hint of the buttery bakery base that a lot of cookie scents have. When you heat up the candle the bakery aspect if it comes through a lot stronger than when it’s in the box. This scent is available in a range if products but I can’t find them on the website. The tea lights from Yankee are £6.99 for a box of 12 though I’ve seen some of the winter scents being reduced before they disappeared so if you can find them in a store near you they may be in an offer. I’m not a fan of this but I might see if my sister wants the ones I haven’t burned, I know she likes bakery scent so it might be one for her and the candles won’t go to waste, if not I’ll probably burn them alongside another scent, it can be fun making your own sort of cocktail of smells and this would work well with one that will smell nice sweetened up a bit.

There are still some of the advent calendars at half price when I last checked so if you want to try the range of scents that I’ve oops tend about then that might be a good way to do it. If I find a carousel one anywhere I might get one of them, there are a few other scents I don’t have in mine in that one, next year I know to go for one with a greater range as, if you don’t like one, you’re going to have fewer of each and you don’t end up with a few of one scent that you haven’t used.

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