Advent 2015: Day 21

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I think that the Marks and Spencer advent calendar gifts seem to be getting better in the lead up to Christmas, today is a 100ml bottle of Pixi Skintreats Glow Tonic. I’ve heard a lot about Pixi on blogs and youtube but I don’t remember any of it being about the skin care, it’s mainly been about the makeup so was interested to see how this one worked. The Yankee Candle advent calendar has a Christmas Memories, this is one of those perfect Christmas smells to me with the warm spicy winter scent.

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I’ve heard a lot about Pixi so was looking forward to this in the advent calendar, this is a 100ml bottle but the full size is 250ml and costs £18 on the Marks and Spencer website. This is an exfoliating toner that you’re meant to use after the cleanser to help remove dead skin cells. I’ve used a similar product from Clinique in the past and I loved it but I don’t think they were cruelty free so I stopped using it, it’s nice to find a good replacement though I think this is more expensive than that. It has aloe Vera and ginseng and claims it’s ok for sensitive skin but I’d do a test on your hand if you do have sensitive skin. There’s 5% glycolic which I don’t know if that’s strong or not but it seems fine with my skin and I normally have to go for sensitive options if they have one. It has a bit of an orange tint to the liquid, not as much as you’d expect as the bottle is also orange. It has a bit of a botanic scent and I thought it kind of reminds me of a mild herbal ginger but I guess that’s probably the ginseng. I used it today and so far I’m impressed, I needed less than I expected, I think about 5 or 6 drops were enough to ‘soak’ the cotton wool pad. It didn’t dry my skin out or leave it red like some exfoliators and my skin feels nice and smooth, I didn’t actually use a moisturiser afterwards and my skin has been fine. If it keeps on going like this I’ll be buying this in full size.

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The Christmas Memories scent is definitely a good Christmas one, it smells like a sweet gingerbread so probably it’s going for a bit of a gingerbread house smell, at least to me. This is one of the scents that is available in a range of products but I can’t find it on the website at the moment, the tea lights are normally £6.99 for a box of 12 so they might still be available in a store with a Yankee stand. I think that, although this is a fairly strong scent it isn’t as overpowering as some of the others like cinnamon stick. It does remind me of Christmas baking without that buttery baking base you often get that I don’t like so it’s quite a comforting scent and would work well in a kitchen. They have a good throw for a tea light and the scent lingers pretty well for a while after you blow the candle out. To me the spice comes out more when it’s burning compared to the sweeter smell of it cold.

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