Advent 2015: Day 19

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The M&S present today is another makeup thing, I’m surprised at how few makeup products there have been so far in this calendar really. It’s the Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour in the shade Nude which is a nice neutral. I think this is one of the only M&S brand product  there have been, I think there may have been the shampoo which had a Marks and Spencer address on the back but as far as I can remember that’s it, the rest have been brands you can buy elsewhere too. I have heard a lot about M&S makeup so interested to see how it works. The Yankee Candle tea light is another Angel’s Wings which is a great scent for me as it’s one that isn’t specifically Christmas so I’m keeping these and burning others before them so I can have these the rest of the year.

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As I said, I’ve heard a lot about Marks and Spencer’s makeup so was happy to get the Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour, though it does have one of the longer names for a product. This is a really nice shade, Nude, which is as it says in the name and a great neutral nude. It does add a hint of colour to my lips but it’s mainly sparkle as it has tiny sparkly particles in it. It’s not that it gives a sparkly look on my lips, it’s just enough to give a moisturised or dewy look and there’s no gritty feeling. The packaging is fairly standard for these twist up lip colours, I do like the pencil look and the way you just twist it rather than having to sharpen it, you can be fairly precise because of the point. The only thing with the particular colour choice is the fact it seems to attract finger prints, the second you touch it it marks, I guess it’s the flat shiny black.

The product itself is really nice, it glides on well and seems to last fairly well for something that feels like a balm. It’s hard to really tell colour wise due to the shade I have but the moisturising effect lasts a good couple of hours so I’d think the colour would be at least that long with a darker shade. I am definitely going to look at these in the future, if I want a lip colour these have really impressed me. They are £9.50 on the Marks and Spencer website which is a bit higher than other brands but it’s less drying than a lot of others I’ve tried. As it’s a Marks and Spencer brand it’s cruelty free, I think all of their makeup is but I’d check each product for whether it’s vegan friendly as it doesn’t say this one is.

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The Yankee Candle is Angel’s Wings which is a nice scent but not particularly Christmassy to me. I find it a very light scent that reminds me of a cotton sort of smell, it says it’s a light floral but I can’t really pinpoint a flower in it. I definitely get the sweetness but nothing specifically vanilla scented either. I’d say this might be a nice scent to buy after Christmas in the sale as a year round scent, it’s definitely the least seasonally specific scent in the advent calendar. I can’t find these on the Yankee Candle website but the tea lights are £6.99 for a box of 12 and the scent itself is available in a range of products. It will probably be available in stores if they have a Yankee Candle display, I’ve seen them around since they disappeared off the site.

The Yankee Candle website also still has some of the advent calendars at half price. If you like the sound of the Christmas scents I’ve posted about it might be a good way to get a range of different winter scents at a good price. The carousel one also have extra scents that aren’t in this calendar, I’m not sure about the house shaped one.

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