Advent 2015: Day 17

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Today’s Yankee Candle is another Snowflake Cookie tea light, which may not be burned as it is not my favourite and a very sweet bakery scent. The Marks and Spencer gift today was a 50ml tube of Swell Ultimate Volume Masque, though this isn’t a brand I’ve heard if before. It’s quite helpful on the tube as it has instructions for different hair lengths and how much to do for super soft hair or damaged/coloured hair which is nice so there’s no guesswork. I will definitely be giving this a go though it isn’t for my hair type, they’re definitely going for volumising when it comes to hair products  which I guess is a safe choice and goes with the trend of adding volume that seems to have been popular recently.

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I can’t find this exact hair mask on the. M&S website but there’s the Advanced Volumising Masque for £28 for a 150ml tube. This exact product is available from Boots for £26 for 150ml and it seems to be this price in a lot of websites. I’m not sure if maybe the Advanced one is a newer version because it seems like it’s got the same effects. I do like the look of this, I guess it’s the simplistic design but it reminds me of and Ikea design. It’s a third of the size of a full size product so should have a decent amount in, I’d say for my thick, shoulder length hair it’ll probably do three uses. The packaging is a nice soft plastic that is easy to squeeze and should be easy to fold over to get the last bits out.

The product itself is a creamy colour and very thick so I think it’ll coat my hair very well, it definitely felt moisturising on my skin when I did a patch test so I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. It does have a fairly strong scent, it reminds me a bit if men’s aftershave so it’s a pretty unisex scent and hard to really describe other than that. It does have that hair product sort of scent that a lot have and they tend to disappear when they’re washed out so I hope this ones gets less as soon as your wash it out of your hair. This is going into the queue for hair products to try, I do like how they’re including so many in this as it means we get a good range of product types and we’re not getting a lot of perfume samples which seemed to happen in the Tesco one I had last year.

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The Snowflake Cookie tea lights don’t appear to be on the Yankee Candle website any more but it’s available in other products and if you can find the tea lights in a Yankee stockists near you then they’re normally £6.99 for a box of 12. This is definitely not my favourite scent, it’s a very sweet icing sugar scent mainly with a hint of a buttery bakery smell in the background though the main scent I get is the sugar. The bakery base does come through a bit more when it actually burns and it’s a pretty subtle scent compared to most of the advent calendar scents. I think it’s one that could work all year round if you like it as there’s nothing especially Christmassy about it besides the name.

I was looking on the Yankee Candle website and saw that they have the advent calendars at half price now so if you want one or want a range of Christmas scents it might be a good way to get a selection of scents in tea lights or votives. The are a couple I some of the other versions that I wish were in this one, Spiced Orange especially is a scent that I’d love to try that’s in the carousel one.

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