Advent 2015: Day 15

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Today’s M&S advent calendar box has a tube of Rodial Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel which claims to plump, volumise and define facial contours which is a bit of an odd concept to me as I guess it means it maximises some parts to add volume and then doesn’t on other parts as you don’t want to maximise somewhere you’d contour with a shadow, I guess I’ll see how it works when I try it. The Yankee Candle tea light today is another Christmas Memories candle which has definitely grown on me from the first time I burnt it.

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I’ve used products from Rodial in the past, they’ve always been in beauty boxes or as freebies, I haven’t paid full price for any of them and with this being £79 for 50ml on the M&S website I don’t think this is going to be one I buy in the future unless it’s some sort of miracle gel. I’ve seen a lot of dragon’s blood products for the skin around and this seems to be another like it. I did expect it to have more of a scent to it as I know dragon’s blood is used a lot in perfumes but it has a very faint sort of herbal scent which disappears within seconds of applying it to my skin. It’s a nice gel that would feel cooling and refreshing on a hot day and it’s easy to apply. A little does go a long way so this small tube will probably give you a fair idea as to whether you like it. The full size tub is only just over three times the size of this so I’d think this should last you for maybe a week, if I did want to use this long term it’d be very expensive to keep replacing. I will definitely give this a go but I don’t expect it to be something I’ll buy at full price.

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The Christmas Memories scent is really nice, there’s definitely the general spices of Christmas in there but with a more bakery scent so it’s like pure gingerbread to me. Or I guess it’s more like these gingerbread cake things covered in chocolate we used to get around Christmas from Lidl that were amazing so smelling this takes me back to eating them. I think it’s definitely a Christmas scent so not one I’d burn outside of the season but it’s definitely grown on me and becoming one I might buy in a jar for next year. It’s available I a range if products but it’s not showing up on the Yankee Candle website as having tea lights available, they’ll probably be in stores though and cost £6.99 for a box if 12.

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