Review: Barry M Genie Lip Paint

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I don’t know if anyone else gets this but when I first saw this Barry M Lip Paint in Genie on the Marks and Spencer website I thought of the mood rings and lipsticks you used to get  I think it was late nineties early 2000s and I really wanted to see how it works. It costs £4.50 on the M&S site where I got it but it’s available pretty much anywhere that sells Barry M.

They claim that it reacts with the alkali naturally on your lips so everyone gets a unique shade, I’m not sure how true that is but it even goes a different colour on my lips to on the back of my hand and mum tried it and it was less bubblegum pink on her.

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I love the packaging on this, the bright pink and green colours contrast so well and make it stand out, it clicks and holds shut well and the twist up is nice and smooth so it’s really easy to use. The way it clicks when you’ve twisted it all the way down is good too, it’s not too stiff but it holds it in place so I would to worry about it up twisting when it’s closed, which may sound odd to comment on but I have had lip products do that in the last and it’s not fun to find the end all smooshed into the top of the lid and it making a big mess.

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Carrying on the green/pink the product itself is green and looks like it should be something you wear on Halloween. I was a bit sceptical about how good the colour would be but after trying it on my hand and it coming out a nice colour I tried it on my lips, it’s more subtle on my lips as on my hand it seemed to keep developing and got a darker pink after taking the photo. The formula for the lipstick itself is really nice as well, it’s not drying, it almost glides on like a balm more than a lipstick. I did use a lip balm about an hour before putting this on but it didn’t feel like the balm was still on the surface so I think it’s a fair reflection, especially as I would use a balm so it had a moisturised base. I have not had any problems with it drying my lips out though it doesn’t have the coverage of a lot of lipsticks, it probably is closer to a tinted lip balm in consistency and coverage than a proper lipstick. Staying power is pretty impressive, it does stick well especially if you don’t use the balm underneath. It does come off on glasses and tags for the first half hour but after that it seems like maybe it’s stained my lips or it’s set properly at that point as my lips still had colour but it wasn’t coming off on things.

Overall I am impressed, I will admit I didn’t have high expectations for this and thought it might be a bit gimmicky but I do like the colour and took it with me to the family Christmas meal over the weekend. I mainly bought this as it wasn’t overly expensive and I wanted to see how it worked, I’ve always been intrigued by the colour changing things you get, and thought if it didn’t work well I wouldn’t feel too bad and could use it as a balm but I have actually used it a few times when I’ve gone out. The colour is a bubblegum pink, I’d say it’s a cooler tone than warm but then that may be something that changes in that ‘unique to you’ so it may become a warmer colour if that’s the base for your skin tone.

I think it may be something that is a bit gimmicky and probably appeals more to teenagers but I think it’s one that’s something a bit different and fun and does have nice results. I’m not sure how unique the colour will be for everyone, it’s probably always a variation of bubblegum pink, but the colour it turns out looks good, at least to me, and I think that it should end up as a colour that suits your skin tone. I think it would make a great little Christmas present for someone who makes makeup as something a bit different. I think if they come out with other colours I’d probably be tempted by them as well, I love the colour changing idea and the final result, but it’s probably not something that everyone would want to buy for themselves.

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