Review: Barry M Genie Lip Paint

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I don’t know if anyone else gets this but when I first saw this Barry M Lip Paint in Genie on the Marks and Spencer website I thought of the mood rings and lipsticks you used to get  I think it was late nineties early 2000s and I really wanted to see how it works. It costs £4.50 on the M&S site where I got it but it’s available pretty much anywhere that sells Barry M.

They claim that it reacts with the alkali naturally on your lips so everyone gets a unique shade, I’m not sure how true that is but it even goes a different colour on my lips to on the back of my hand and mum tried it and it was less bubblegum pink on her.

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Advent 2015: Day 15

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Since I first opened my M&S box there has been this amazing fruity sweet smell that wafts up every so often and I was looking forward to the product that went with the scent and today is the day I opened it. It’s the Roger and Gallet Hand and Nail Balm in Fleur de Figuier, which I think translates to flower of figs and I love it. Today’s Yankee Candle was another Angel’s Wings which is always good as I do like this scent, I’m actually burning some of the less year round scents over this to use them during the season and these can burn any time throughout the year.

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