Advent 2015: Day 14

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Day 14 in the M&S calendar is another volumising hair product, the Percy and Reed Volumising No Oil Oil, which is a but odd to say but I have heard of it before so it’ll be fun to try out. As I said in the previous volumising product day I don’t really need it as my hair is very thick but I do find that a lot of volumising products help sot flyaway hairs and do seem to tame and flatten my hair which seems slightly odd but if it works then I don’t mind. The Yankee Candle tea light today is another Snowflake Cookie, which is probably my least favourite scent but I’ll probably still burn it.

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I’ve heard of both the company and the kind of product with this PercyAnd Reed No Oil Oil so I’m intrigued to see how it works. This is available on the Marks and Spencer website for £14 for a 60ml bottle so this is half the size of that and still seems a good size for trying it out as it recommends one or two drops each time (more if you have longer or thicker hair) so this bottle will last you a lot of goes if that’s all you need for it to work. I know my hair will definitely need more and I think probably one of two pumps would do it so even for me it’s still a nice sized bottle, will have to see when I actually try it if I need more though. I really like the bottle itself, I will be keeping it for travel afterwards I think even if it’s for other products, the lid has a pump that seems nice and strong and it shouldn’t gunk up with the product as it’s thin enough to get through with no trouble.

The product itself smells really nice, it has that hair dresser scent that you can always smell as soon as you enter one, I’m not sure what it actually is but I like it. It comes out almost like a serum, it’s fairly thick but melts within seconds of it touching your hands so it’s not so runny that there will be a mess every time you use it but it’s easy to rub over your hands then into your hair without worrying about it being too thick and being patchy. There is a tip, when you peal back the label, about using a blush brush with it so after you’ve rubbed it on your hands you dip the bruch in and use that the tame flyaways, I might give that a go as well. Overall I’m very happy to have got this, will definitely be giving it a proper go either the next time I wash my hair or the one after as I have the shampoo to try still as well.

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The Yankee Candle is the Sowflake Cookie scent which is very sweet, it’s like pure icing sugar with a hint of buttery baking as an undertone. I’m not that keen on this one but if you like bakery scents or pure sugar it’s one that might be worth looking at. They don’t seem to be available on the Yankee Candle website any more but the tea lights are available in a pack of 12 for £6.99, it’s also available in a range of other products if you can find them. I may not like the scent that much but it does have good throw and is pretty strong when it gets going, the butteriness definitely comes out kore when it’s actually burning than when it’s unlit.

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