Advent 2015: Day 13

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Today’s product from M&S is the Mio Liquid Yoga restorative bath soak which seems pretty strong and I think it’s a company I’ve heard of, I’ve definitely heard of this kind of product before. I’m not sure how well I’ll get on with it but it does suggest being used as a foot soak so I’ll give that a go, I’ve found that similarly scented products react with my skin so that seems a bit lower risk. In the. Yankee Candle advent calendar I got an Icicles tea light, I haven’t had one in a while and it’s a nice gentle scent.

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The Mio Liquid Yoga restorative bath soak is definitely a strong smelling product and it smells like it should be beneficial in some way. This is a 53ml bottle which seems very specific and the full size bottle is available on the M&S website at 200ml for £26 so this bottle is worth £6-£7. It’s very strong smelling of menthol, mint and eucalyptus type scents. It definitely reminds me of vaporub and the kind of product you get to clear your head so I’m not sure I’d want to soak in it as it often gives me a headache. I will give it a go as a foot soak as it says this will help your achey feet and legs which I do get. If it works for that I might risk it for the rest of my body though it doesn’t say how dilute you should make it so I’ll have to look that up as I don’t want to make it too strong and have that be the reason I don’t get on with it. It’s definitely very thin and looks like it’ll dilute into water easily, it’s a bit of an odd green colour but I think it’ll look better when it’s dispersed in water and it does make me think that it’s only got the natural colours. I will definitely give his a go and probably review it as, if it works, it might help with my ME aches so I think it’d be good to share whether it works or not.

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Icicle seems to be one of the only Christmas scents that’s still available in a range of products in the Yankee Candle website, a pack of 12 tea lights costs £5.24 at the moment rather then the full priced £6.99 so I think they’re having offers on a few of the Christmas scents. This is a fairly light scent, like Angel’s Wings, though it’s more festive as it does have a very tiny hint of pine. After smelling the Christmas. Garland the pine in this was very faint and the scent in general is more of a background smell than a lot of the other festive products Yankee do. I don’t get any cinnamon with it but, again, I’ve got other stronger cinnamon scents in the advent calendar that may have made me immune to the scent. I think this is one of my favourites I the range as it’s fairly subtle with the. Christmassyness (is that a word?) when some of the others are very in your face and CHRISTMAS rather than a gentler smell.

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