Advent 2015: Day 12

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The M&S advent calendar present is the first proper makeup product that we’ve got, the Diego Dalla Palma ‘the lipstick’ in the shade 46 which is a creamy coral to me though it’s called antique pink on the website. I have never had a product from this brand before but I have seen it on blogs, I have a feeling it’s fairly common in subscription boxes or something. The. Yankee Candle advent calendar had my second Angel’s Wings tea light, they seem to be not very evenly spread out scent wise so I think it’ll be that these are randomly done rather than all of the advent calendars having the same in.

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The Diego Dalla Palma lipstick is available on the Marks and Spencer website for £15.50. The shade 46 is apparently Antique Pink but it seems very orange and coral like for me and doesn’t really suit that name at all, I’d expect a dusty pink with that name or at least pink but it’s surprisingly bright. I’m not sure whether I like the packaging as I’m not a fan of white makeup packaging because it just stains so easy especially with a creamy product like this lipstick but it opens and twists up easily enough but stays clicked closed. The formula for the lipstick itself is really nice, it’s a creamy colour that has a wet look finish but does blot down to pretty matte without losing any pigmentation. It’s a very soft and creamy lipstick that gives great coverage and pigmentation with just one coat and easy to control. You definitely need to blot this as quite a bit of the product comes out when you apply it and it’s very soft so it’s easy to have a thicker layer than you plan on doing. Definitely a colour I’ll use but I think it’s more of a spring or summer colour to me, will have to play around with it a bit.

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After having the Angel’s Wings before this time I can smell some of the vanilla that I didn’t get the first time around. It’s still a fresh scent but it does have a hint of sweetness that the fabric softener or clean cotton type scents don’t have. It’s a very light floral and reminds me of a lot of their ‘relaxing’ and soft sort of smells like those with islands or beaches on the picture. This is definitely a good year round one so I might burn the others before this if I get an excess so the more winter scents go during the winter as they are more season specific. It still isn’t available online but the tea lights cost £6.99 for a pack of 12 or it’s available in a range of other products.

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