Advent 2015: Day 11

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One thing I like about the M&S advent calendar is the range of types of products that they’re giving us and so far all of them are products I will use. Today’s product is a small bottle of shampoo, it’s a 50ml bottle of Josh Wood Full Bodied Shampoo which will probably only do two or maybe three shampoos with my hair as I have thick hair so don’t really need body but I’ll use it anyway. The Yankee Candle advent has a Christmas Garland tea light today.

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This Full Bodied Shampoo from Josh wood is only available on the Marks and Spencer website in this 50ml bottle and it costs £4, I guess it would normally be sold as a travel size product which it would work as very well. I don’t need extra volume, my hair is thick and fluffy anyway, but I find that volume products don’t have that intended effect on my hair anyway and often seem to help hold my hair down. I will definitely be giving this shampoo a go as it smells amazing, it’s definitely a shampoo type smell but it reminds me of a combination of tropical fruits, maybe coconut in there, alongside some floral smell. It’s a scent that I think almost anyone would like, I can’t see anything to dislike in it and I’m not a fan of coconut.

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The Christmas Garland is a tea light I have a few of and I do really like it, the pine scent isn’t the cleaning product scent that you get and the cranberry, though I can’t actually pick it out as cranberry, does take away the overly sharp scent. It’s a very Christmassy smell and not the strongest in the calendar so it’s a good one if you want a background scent. This is still available online in a few product types and seems to be on offer but the tea lights are out of stock. They may be in the offer you get them in a physical store so they cost £5.29 rather then the £6.99 they normally cost for the pack of 12.

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