Computer troubles

The past week or so my computer has been playing up then the day before yesterday it just wouldn’t start up so I had to do a refresh yesterday. Good news is it worked and I have all my documents still but bad news is it means all my apps and programmes were wiped. Now I have to get them all back on there which isn’t too bad for some but I can’t find my Photoshop card with the key on it. I’m still doing the advent each day on my iPad (when that decides to work and not freeze) so I’ll just have to do shorter posts on my iPad if I do them until my computer is properly restored. Sorry the photo quality won’t be the best until I get it back up and running but I do like the layout with the iPad pictures I’ve done.

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Advent 2015: Day 11

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One thing I like about the M&S advent calendar is the range of types of products that they’re giving us and so far all of them are products I will use. Today’s product is a small bottle of shampoo, it’s a 50ml bottle of Josh Wood Full Bodied Shampoo which will probably only do two or maybe three shampoos with my hair as I have thick hair so don’t really need body but I’ll use it anyway. The Yankee Candle advent has a Christmas Garland tea light today.

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