Advent 2015: Day 10

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Day 10 is the day when I finally get the last scent in the tea lights in my. Yankee Candle advent calendar and I really like the Angels Wings smell, I think it’s probably the one out of all of them that would be a nice all year round scent. In my Marks and Spencer calendar I got a tube of Neal’s Yard nourishing cream in Frankincense. I think I’ve only had one other Neal’s Yard product before and I love it so I’m hoping to like this too.

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The Neal’s Yard nourishing cream is, I think, just a normal moisturiser, it doesn’t seem to have much more detail on it and it seems to come in small amounts for a body cream but maybe a little goes a long way. This is probably the most expensive product that’s been I the calendar so far at £55 for a 50ml pot on the M&S website so this 25ml tube is worth £22.50. The texture of the product is nice, it’s very thick and moisturising and the small amount I had on my finger covered the back of both hands so maybe it does go further than I thought. The scent on this isn’t what I expected, I like frankincense as a room scent but not sure about it in a product, as mum often burns frankincense oils so I know the general scent. This smells to be a lot more peppery than frankincense and it’s very strong for the first few minutes. The scent lingers for a bit but within half an hour the scent was gone, I did expect it to last longer than that at the price. It does make my skin feel nice but I’m not sure it’s worth the price considering how much some other moisturisers cost that work just as well to me. I’ll keep using it and maybe I’ll change my mind but the scent is definitely off putting.

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I finally got the sixth of the scents in the tea lights and I am not disappointed, it was worth the wait and I hope there’s as many of the Angel’s Wings as the others. It’s a very light scent compared to the others and is a sweet floral which reminds me a bit of the clean cotton type scents so it’s one that I think will be nice for the rest of the year as well. It isn’t available on the. Yankee Candle website any more outside of gift sets but I think it’ll still be in stores. It’s normally available in a range of products and the tea lights are available in a box of 12 for £6.99.

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