ME, Myself and I – Pamper days

I know this isn’t really just an ME thing and everyone has down days when you’re not feeling so good so this is probably just a general low energy treats that I like to do on days when I don’t have the energy to do much but want a bit of a pick me up. All of these are pretty much beauty/skin care things but I’m trying to think of other things that can give that happy relaxed feeling that don’t take energy so any ideas you guys have I’d love to hear as well, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few and it’s always good to find a new way to pamper yourself anyway.

This post is just general ideas, I am thinking of doing my favourite products for some of the things I’ve put here as I’ve tried quite a few face masks or nail varnishes.

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Advent 2015: Day 9

Today’s M&S is from another brand I have never heard of and it turns out is a bit more high end than any of the products I’ve received so far in the calendar. It’s the Laboratoires Filorga Time-Filler wrinkles correction cream which is a face cream and seems like it’ll be pretty good. The Yankee Candle is another Cinnamon Stick tea light. As I’ve had a few of the same ones close together I’m wondering if these are just randomly placed and you get a certain number of each scent rather than being placed in specific numbers. Does anyone else have this calendar and have you had the same ones as me on the specific days?

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