Advent 2015: Day 8

Today’s M&S present is from a brand I haven’t heard of before, it’s the Pure Natural Beauty Super Grape Day Cream and is a 30ml tube so there’s quite a few uses from it. I always like it when they make these skin care samples big enough to get more than a week’s worth out of them as it takes a while for skin to adjust to something new. I’m looking forward to trying this properly as a little goes a long way. The Yankee Candle tea light today is another Christmas Memories one which it am happy with as I do like the smell.

I’m impressed with the sizes of the products in the M&S calendar so far, this is a 30ml tube and the full size one is50ml for £14 on the Marks and Spencer website so be get over half of that in this tube. The scent of this is hard to explain, to start bits it reminded me of a grape drink like Schloer which would make sense but now it smells more like the Cowshed body lotion I got earlier in the calendar. I’d say it has some kind of plant, maybe a herb, as the main scent but I’m not sure. Either way it’s not very scented and the smell doesn’t linger when you apply it. It looks fairly thick when you get it out of the tube but it seems to almost melt when it touches your skin and is absorbed very easily without leaving it feeling greasy or that film feeling you sometimes get with thicker ones, I really don’t like the feel of something left sitting on my skin so that’s good. This face cream also has the leaping bunny logo so is cruelty free. I am definitely impressed with this and would consider getting this as a face cream in the future, especially as my tony moly one is hard to find in stock that ships to the UK for a reasonable price. I am definitely going to be looking at this brand for skin are though if my skin keeps getting on with this.

Having burnt the previous one of these I think I smell more of the bakery scent than I did at the beginning when I first wrote about this scent. The Christmas Memories smell is still mainly gingerbread to me but there’s a more buttery baking undertone that I didn’t smell before. I think it’s a nice autumn or winter smell and it does remind me of being inside in the warm when it’s cold out but now I’ve smelled that bakery note it’s hard to forget it and that comes to the front as it’s not a scent I like. I will definitely burn the rest of these but it’s not a scent I will be buying in the future if you like bakery scents and gingerbread I would recommend giving it a go though. For some reason Christmas Memories doesn’t seem to be available on the website at the moment in any form but these tea lights are available in a box of 12 for £6.99 and I think that’s the same price I’ve seen them in physical stores that have a stand for their products so it’s worth looking around if you like the sound of it, or maybe it’ll be back online soon.

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